About Us

Meet Scherry:

I could introduce myself by saying I'm a retired environmental engineer... but that is so boring!  True, but totally boring!

Reading is what I do when I'm not boating or fishing.  Oh wait!  I read while I'm boating or fishing.  Well, reading is what I do when I'm not taking my Yorkie for walks.  Oh wait! I listen to audio books while I'm walking my dog.  Um... I guess you can tell that I read a lot!   And I enjoy a nice glass of wine when I'm reading in the evenings... That's why we rate books from one to five wine glasses instead of stars.  

 I read books from a variety of genre's but my favorites include:

*  Mysteries and Thrillers (including Cozy Mysteries)
*  Historical Fiction 
*  Romance
*  Fiction
*  Non-Fiction
*  Humor/Satire
*  Paranormal
*  Inspirational

I will read some Erotica and Sci-Fi if there is a good solid story involved, but Janna tends to read our more edgy submissions (she's a bit edgy herself).

Note:  Audible books will have priority with me!  So if you have an audio book available, there is a much better chance of having it reviewed by me quickly.

I live in the Florida Keys with my husband, my dog and 5 cats who think they belong to me. Actually, they live under my front stairs.  The cats... not my husband.  He lives in my house.

Let us know if you have a book you want reviewed.  I post reviews here on The Novel Lady blog, on Amazon, Goodreads and NetGalley. 

Meet Janna:

I'm a book fanatic. I've mastered the art of reading one-handed and turning the page with the same hand. However, I'm frequently seen walking into walls and doors because my nose is stuck in said book. I said I could read one-handed... not that I could walk too. 

I'm a geek at heart (love all things sci-fi, tech related, dragons, elves, etc.). When I'm not reading, I'm usually gaming -- or I'm writing or painting or drawing. I'm in love with my Kindle. I have over 5,000 books on it and I seem determined to push the limits and see just how far I can take it before the memory craps out on me. We'll see if I get to that point this year.

I read a lot... and I read fast. I read a bunch of different genres, but these are my favorite:

* Urban Fantasy
* Paranormal 
* Fantasy
* Science Fiction & Dystopian
* Young Adult & New Adult (older YA preferred; no whiny heroines please) 
* Romance (any sub-genre)
* Erotica (M/F preferred unless it's RH - must have a strong story element; not a fan of BDSM or age gap)
* Historical Fiction (prefer pre-history)
* Cozy Mysteries

I love books that aren't traditional and don't fit any one particular genre. If you have a cross-genre book, I'll probably enjoy it. I love strong heroines. If your book features cheating, stupid misunderstandings as a main plot device, stupid and whiny heroines, or if it's a bully romance... please don't ask me to review it. I'll probably either rip your book to shreds in a review or not bother finishing it. Sorry. Those are my pet peeves. 

Otherwise, if you have a book you think I'd enjoy, let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

*On a side note, I should probably let you know that Scherry tends to be the nicer review. I'm a bit more snarky, but I also read and review our more edgy submissions. You've been warned. :)


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