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Book Blitz & Giveaway - SHIFT by Tonya Clark

Tonya Clark
Publication date: October 29th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
For Cammie Mitchell, getting her dream job was a complete surprise. As a certified, Texas country girl, she was ready to put her medic degree to good use as a personal medic to some of the best riders in Texas. Stepping into an arena, she finds herself shocked to discover that bulls are replaced with bikes. It seems her dream may have just taken a strange and dangerous new twist.
Kade Maddox is arrogant. And he knows it. This playboy and number one best motocross rider in Texas, has only one thing on his mind; winning. That is, until Cammie walks into his life as Sandy Racing’s, new medic.
With one trying to keep things professional and the other trying to become the top rider of his sport, neither are prepared for the shift about to happen in their lives. Discover this fast paced new romance novel today.

Author Bio:
My name is Tonya Clark. I live in a small town in Southern California with my amazingly supportive husband and two daughters. I fell in love with romance in the eighth grade and haven't put down books since then.
I own a hair salon, a photography business, and coach soccer, which may leave the question when do I write? It's how I relax, shutting my brain off to everything else and getting lost in the story. Believe it or not I need noise around me to write and a bowl of peanut M&Ms.


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Book Blitz & Giveaway - SHIFTED by Angel Leya, Jesse Booth, Joanna Reeder and Tricia Barr

Angel Leya, Jesse Booth, Joanna Reeder, Alessandra Jay & Tricia Barr
(Shifter Academy, #1)
Publication date: January 7th 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Rule #1: Never go out after dark.
Rule #2: Never go into large bodies of water.
Rule #3: Stay off of social media.
Myreen always knew her mom held some deep dark secret; the rules, the moving, the years of unanswered questions. But she didn’t think breaking one rule, just once, would lead to the death of her mother. And she never expected to find out that she was a mermaid shifter, or that her mother was killed by vampires.
Whisked away in the middle of the night for her own safety, Myreen finds herself in a secret school for shifters. But starting over in a new school in the middle of the year–even if it is for the millionth time–is never easy. With rumors swirling, mean girls circling, and two incredibly attractive guys tugging her in separate directions, Myreen just wants to get through the school year without having a meltdown in front of everyone.
She’s learning so much, but for every question answered, a new one bubbles up. Myreen will need to untangle the web of secrets surrounding her if she ever wants to find out why her mother was murdered. As she dives deeper into the mystery, she discovers a truth about herself that no one saw coming, and it will change the fate of the shifter world forever.
Everyone who preorders on Amazon will get a free Shifter Academy novella bundle (stories you can’t get anywhere else!).
Everyone who preorders on iBooks, Nook and Kobo will get a Shifter Academy Swag Pack mailed to them (including a bookmark, sticker, button and personalized acceptance letter to the school).
PLUS! One in every ten who preorders anywhere will win a Shifter Academy Coloring Book, and one in every twenty will win a signed paperback of Shifted before it releases January 8! To claim your prize, you must email a screenshot of your purchase to shifteracademy@yahoo.com!
FREE novella download: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/vd6m17lqqh


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Ramblings and Recipes, Part 11 - The Dog

“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.”
Franklin P. Jones

Cocker Spaniel’s are so cute.  Who didn’t fall in love with Lady in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”?  They have big floppy ears, a cute little nose and those big brown eyes.  Oh wait.  That’s my husband.
Buffy was such an adorable little puppy.  He was always so happy and he was always so excited to see us when we came home.  So excited that he would pee on your shoe the moment you came in the front door. 
I should have known Buffy was going to be a handful from the moment he arrived Christmas morning.  Within the few minutes it took us to get the kids, Buffy had peed on the carpet and torn open several presents.  Sigh.  

But then he would look so sweet and innocent that all would be forgiven.

Unlike most dogs who hate getting a bath, Buffy loved the water so much that it was hard to get him out of the tub.  He would splash and play and splash and play until the entire contents of the tub had relocated to the bathroom floor. 
And during those peaceful moments when I would unwind at the end of the day, a glass of wine in my hand as I would slip into a nice relaxing tub of scented hot water, Buffy would come tearing through the house, pouncing on the bathroom door to jar it open and he would jump into the tub, splashing half the water out onto the bathroom floor and half the wine into the tub.
You don’t need a doorbell when you have a cocker spaniel.  Buffy would start barking when a car would turn onto our street.  He kept us informed of the garbage truck arrival, the mailman getting near, any children riding their bikes down the street and the ice cream truck from four blocks away.
I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we would have to chase that dog down the street to catch him.  Whenever someone opened that front door, he would either pee on your foot or he would sneak around behind you and go tearing out the front door, running happily down the street with tail wagging, ears flopping and his tongue hanging out flapping in the breeze, a look of glee all over face (Or was that my husband?  No, no, it was the dog.)  You had to get in your car and drive down the street.  Then he would come running to you and he would hop in the moment you opened the car door.  The only thing he liked more than running was riding.
A good friend of ours who happened to be one of Rick’s hunting buddies, spent $5,000 on a trained hunting dog.  When the day came to pick up his dog, he drove his Ford pickup truck to our hunting camp in Alabama with his prized new dog nicely crated in the back.  Upon arriving at the camp, he climbed in the back of the truck and opened the door to the dog’s crate, at which time the dog rushed past him, leaped off the tailgate and took off running into the woods, never to be seen again.  For all we know, that dog may still be running.  At least the dog didn’t pee on his foot first.
One day our son, Michael, left his bag of paintballs on the floor of his bedroom and Buffy had eaten an undetermined number of them before we could stop him.  For the next several days his poop was fluorescent orange.
Rick kept saying that the dog was just stupid.  But I knew better.  He could count.  If you put three dog treats in your pocket and then gave two of those treats to Buffy, he would know that you still had one in your pocket.  Smart dog.

·       Pre-cooked, boneless, skinless chicken breasts
·       Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
·       Green onions
·       Brie cheese with outer crust removed
·       Fresh Rosemary
·       Egg Yolk

Roll out two triangles of crescent rolls to form a rectangle and press gently to combine.  Cut chicken into ½” cubes and place several cubes in center of rectangle.  Top this with several cubes of brie and ½ tsp. of chopped green onion.  Fold up the corners of the crescent roll to seal shut and form a neat pastry.  Repeat with the remaining crescent rolls, chicken, brie and onions. Place pastries on a non-stick baking sheet and brush the tops with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle with rosemary.  Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350°F for approximately 15 minutes or until golden brown.

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Book Blitz & Giveaway - I KNOW YOU LIKE A MURDER by Amy L. Sauder

I Know You Like a Murder
Amy L. Sauder
Publication date: October 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery
A narrator always gets to know the reader before spilling their deepest secret.
I am a murderer.
She was just a silly nothing of a girl until I made her rise to fame. A pennything.
So, reader: sit down, cozy up. I’d offer a cup of tea, but you may worry it’s poisoned, and you may be correct.
But I can’t just tell you how she died. That’s too easy. Too quick. Buckle up: you’re in for a villainous monologue.

The 5 W’s of Murder

A narrator always gets to know the reader before spilling their deepest secret.
I am a murderer.
She was just a silly nothing of a girl until I made her rise to fame. A pennything.
I imagine a dreary donut-glaze day at the station before I dropped murder in their laps. I’d like to say the coppers pounded down my door in their cliché little way, but really it was a nice rap-tap-tap. Like the children’s ditty: Skunk in the barnyard, pee-yew. Murder in the theater…for you…
Clueless buffoons, more accustomed to traffic control rather than detective work. I wasn’t considered suspect; for all intents and purposes, I was victim.
“Tell us what happened.” “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?” “Any odd or unusual behavior?” and the kicker: “Is there anyone who would have motive?”
“Don’t we all,” I said. “Don’t we all hold a reason to kill.”
I wasn’t much help. Why would I be? I divulged a dozen motives, to bait their sniffers a million directions, all but mine.
I don’t think they liked me all that much. Whatever. I wasn’t looking to impress. I was looking to distract. Once their curiosities turned elsewhere, I could move on to tell you, my now-avid readers, the story.
My story.
Our story.
If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears, does it make a sound? If a person is murdered and the tale is not told, did it happen?
And so, I have found my audience. Yes, you. Won’t you read my story, sleuth it out? I take the role of murderer, now you fancy yourself a detective.
Sit down, cozy up. I’d offer you a cup of tea, but you may worry it’s been poisoned, and you may be correct. But hold it, dear reader, don’t twist your shirt in a bundle before I give you all the pieces.
What: death, cold and sudden
Where: the most dramatic place for murder, the theater
When: the top of Act III, naturally
Who: Too many names, there are too many names in the world. I only remember the one girl. Don’t be indignant when you struggle to recall names, too.
No matter. I will choose some form of name to distinguish the lot. Let’s call them:
Madame Director,
Homeless Hag,
Facilities Hawk,
Villains 1 & 2,
Shy Boy,
Makeup Artist,
and Cami’s BFF.
But the one you’re waiting for: Camille. Or Cami now, to be more relatable, more likeable. Hear the sounds roll off your tongue: the name Cami skips playfully from your mouth, while the nasal sound of Camille bodes aloof, unapproachable. The name change is product branding or whatever.
She’s a washed up writer. Now scriptwriter and also, get this, leading lady. She scooped that right up, and Madame Director allowed it even though Cami has never performed on stage.
Why: Cami got one of the useless English degrees and expected it was worth something. Interned at a publishing company, but they wouldn’t look at her manuscript without an agent; and she couldn’t interest an agent though she had an in with a publisher.
She’d tell that sob story, then with a twinkle in her eye promise that this theatrical production would put us all on the map.
But I would make her keep that promise.
Alibis are useless in this investigation, because all of us, of course, were at the theater when it happened. As for motive, don’t we all have something worth killing for?
If you were a Criminal Psychologist maybe you’d have this case wrapped up by now. Tell me, which of the listed characters am I, the murderer?
But statistically speaking, you likely aren’t a Criminal Psychologist, so here you are. Still reading. So many questions.
You know, you could hand this over to a Criminal Psychologist to solve. But I don’t think you will. Not now.
It’s not real, you say. It’s a book. And you’ll pore through this story looking for answers, intrigued by the tale, fascinated by death.
Okay, detectivize. Draw up a grid, write up characters and clues, cross off cleared suspects. Or whatever you crime buffs do. Maybe you have the cliché marker board to track your clues, or maybe you have the string linking ideas throughout a crime-solving room. You sure get off on this stuff, don’t you?
So let’s get to it. What I haven’t told you yet is How. But I can’t just tell you how she died. That’s too easy. Too quick. Buckle up: you’re in for a villainous monologue.

Author Bio:
Amy L. Sauder is a writer, educator, and creative. She has been called quirky meta mystery and walking fairytale. In her not-so-spare time, Amy coaches other writers and sells artistic fashion finds. While she has a degree in English, that has yet to land her amidst a murderous plot. Hopefully that doesn't change.


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Audible Book Review - NORTHERN TEMPTRESS by Nicole McCaffrey

Title:  Northern Temptress
Author:  Nicole McCaffrey
Narrator:  Dawson McBride
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Genre:  Western Romance
Release Date:   September 21, 2018 

About the Book:
When the Civil War arrives on her door step, Gettysburg doctor Alexandra Winters uses her knowledge of medicine to help the wounded. When an uncommonly handsome rebel officer finds her tending the wounded in his battlefield, he takes her for a spy until she confesses her darkest secret: Her brother fights for the South. He vows to find her brother and insists on escorting her home. But Alexa already has enough gossip attached to her name thanks to a scandalous divorce; she doesn't need to be seen keeping company with the enemy at a late hour. 
Major Caleb McKenna, CSA, has grown weary of war and bloodshed. Dreams of glory and valor are long gone, as is the memory of his beloved fiancee back home in Georgia. Try as he might, he can't recall her face. Instead, it's the bewitching image of Alexa Winters that haunts his every thought. Her stubborn refusal to show weakness is put to the test when he brings news of her missing brother. His attempt to comfort the stoic beauty quickly engulfs them in a firestorm of passion, leaving Caleb torn between a promise made to the gentle belle awaiting his return - and an emerald-eyed, jet-haired Northern temptress.
When the major is gravely wounded, Alexa comes to his aide. Hiding a Confederate officer in a house filled with recuperating Union soldiers is risky...but fighting their growing desire is a battle they can't afford to lose.

Buy Links: Amazon / Audible
My Review:
Wow! Nicole McCaffrey does it again! This story brings together the horrifying bloodshed of the Civil War, the family struggles for both the North and the South, and the raw emotions brought on by all that surrounds those living during that time period.

Dr. Alexandra Winters looked beyond the color of a uniform and aided whoever needed her help. When a Confederate officer is badly wounded, she does what she can to heal him, even if it means hiding him from the Union soldiers. 

Great writing by an amazing author, characters that go straight to your heart, and a narrator who makes you truly "feel" the story. Dawson McBride was fantastic as he read, changing his voice to match the characters, pausing for emphasis when needed, and softening his voice for those romantic scenes. Dang, he's good! And those romantic scenes were tingly and hot!

Many thanks to Nicole McCaffrey for allowing me to listen to such a great book!

My Rating: 

About the Author, Nicole McCaffrey:

If it's possible to be born a writer, then I definitely was. I'd probably have started sooner if there had been pen and paper available in the womb!

But for as long as I can remember, I have heard voices in my head. Fortunately for me, they're all characters--begging me to tell their stories. My first sale was a holiday novella, published by The Wild Rose Press in November 2006. The Model Man, my first full length contemporary, was released in March 2008. 

My true passion has always been history so I was thrilled to see my first historical, Wild Texas Wind, released in June, 2010. Since then I've contracted several short stories and have been hard at work on a follow up story to Wild Texas Wind. 

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Witching Hour: Sinister Legends
Witching Hour Anthologies
Publication date: October 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Horror, Paranormal, Thriller
Bloody Mary…
Bloody Mary…
Bloody…maybe we shouldn’t test that just yet.
Urban legends, fact or fiction, at the end of the day they’re all stories. We know not to spin around the room in the dark whispering her name. We’ve heard about the man with the hook and the terror that stalks the babysitter while she’s home alone.
But there are other tales told around the fire at night. The man finding the steps into hell and sanity flickering away. Mind control experiments by governments, big and small. The woman married to the man of peculiar tastes. There are the haunted hospitals, sleep trials in Russia and more.
Slenderman and Bigfoot are nowhere within these stories; these are only the unusual and dark ones, slanted into truth.
In every legend, there is a seed of truth. Welcome to the Witching Hour.
What Sleep Hid By J.M. Butler
“I’m fine.” Kaya paused, seeing Janis staring intently into the chamber. He didn’t appear to be looking at anyone. His gaze instead was transfixed on a point on the wall.
“Is everything all right?” Kaya peered inside as well.
Janis slipped in front of the speaker. Not moving his eyes, he held down the switch. “We’ve passed day six, and you’re all doing quite well. All your vitals check out. Good breathing. Good focus.” He sounded as if he intended to read a bedtime story. Yet his body language was sharp and tight. “Now I want you to take a moment and look around the room. Look at the walls, the floor, the ceiling. Do you see anything new or unusual?”
Kaya saw nothing. Darryl and the others looked around. They appeared more confused than disturbed.
Darryl scratched his head. “Should we be worried?”
“Are there creatures coming in?” Jeremy dropped his book, looking around wildly.
“What are we supposed to be looking for?” Brenda asked.
“Just anything that seems unusual,” Janis said, his voice as measured and calm as before.
Dr. Nem slapped Janis’s hand. “Stop.” He shoved Janis away and pressed the switch. “Please pay no attention to that. Nothing is different. Everything’s fine.”
Kaya glanced back at Janis. Though he had backed away, his gaze remained fixed on that point. Goosebumps prickled along Kaya’s arms. “What do you see?”
“Possibly nothing.” Janis forced a smile, but a tremor of fear passed through his face.
“Possibly?” Kaya echoed.
The doctor sighed. “Enough, Mr. Janis.”
Janis’s brow furrowed. He opened his mouth to speak, then left.
Kaya followed. She quickened her pace as he passed through the doors. “Wait! What did you see?” The doors thudded shut behind her.
Janis turned on the water fountain and splashed cool water on his face.
Kaya’s heart raced faster. “What did you see?”
Janis wiped his face on his sleeve. “There’s now a fissure in our dimension.”
“A fissure?” Kaya echoed. “Could it be something else? A crack in the glass or the wall?” She hadn’t seen anything though. Maybe he’d imagined it.
“Can you sound more convincing?”
“I’m going to reiterate my first point. This experiment ends in death. You should go.”
“I’m not leaving Darryl here!” Kaya snapped.
“Then you and he will die, and there’s probably nothing I can do to stop it!” Janis thrust his hands into his hair and ripped them out. Fine strands of pale blond hair clung to his fingers. He trembled, closing his eyes. “I’ll do everything I can to keep everyone alive. I will. I promised that.” Though his hands still shook, he strode away.
Kaya watched him, afraid to follow but afraid to return. The terror in his voice, the trembling…that didn’t seem false. Maybe he was only crazy. But her gut warned he wasn’t as wrong as she hoped.
The Noise Above Us By Alyssa Brocker
The quiet ticking of Sapphire’s watch is the only sound in the bakery. She’d worked alone many times, but this Saturday morning is different. The slight warmth of the oven, once comforting, now seems too hot, as if it could burn her at any second. The knives, sitting innocently in their correct place, appear almost menacing. She can’t explain it, Sapphire just knows something’s wrong, something’s off.
What happened yesterday is only part of it. This is a gut feeling that something bad is about to happen. Is she being paranoid? Or are her instincts telling her something her mind hasn’t yet figured out. What would her mom say to her if she were here? Sapphire pauses, a soapy spatula still in her hand.
She suddenly feels as though someone is watching her, studying her every movement. Slowly she turns, afraid to look, but knowing she must take the chance.
“Hello… Quinn?” Sapphire calls out for her coworker she knows won’t be here for another half an hour. She audibly gasps when the timer for her cookies alarms. With shaking hands, she reaches in her pocket, quieting the annoying buzzing. Shaking her head, she breathes deeply. She’s being overly suspicious.
The quiet footsteps interrupt her moment of relief. She’s rooted to her place in front of the sink, absolute fear paralyzing her. Suddenly it sounds like someone’s running at her. Remaining still, afraid to even look away from the sink, she’s frozen.
As quickly as they start, they stop. It was as if Sapphire had imagined the entire thing. “Mom… help me.” She pleads for someone who isn’t there, someone who could never be there for her again. Minutes click by, as she remains motionless, too terrified to move. With her hands gripping the edge of the sink, she realizes she has to do something, anything. It’s nearly been a twenty minutes of her staring at the soapy water.
“Uh, I think your cookies are burnt.” Quinn says behind her. Sapphire jumps in surprise. “You okay, Sapphire?” Her small blonde head tilts as she takes in Sapphires state of shock.
“No, Quinn, I’m not.” Sapphire’s voice cracks. “I feel like someone’s here, Quinn. I don’t know if it’s human, a ghost, or even my dead mother. I just know that I’m not alone. I heard footsteps sprinting at me, and I didn’t do anything! I just stood here.” Quinn stays silent through Sapphire’s breakdown. At the end of it, she seems frightened and relieved at the same time.
“You hear the footsteps, too?”


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Ramblings and Recipes, Part 10 - The Diminishing Family

 “However painful the process of leaving home, for parents and for children, the really frightening thing for both would be the prospect of the child never leaving home.” – Robert Neelly Bellah
Each time one of my children went away to college, a bit of my heart was torn out, wrung through a shredder and trampled.  I felt empty inside, like biting into an éclair to find that the fluffy cream was missing.  But then I discovered the result of spending all that money on college tuition, dorm fees, meal plans, and books… they come back home.  Not always immediately, but eventually each one of my three children found their way back into their old bedrooms, sometimes bringing along a new family member with them.
After Tracy’s first year of college, she came home for the summer and informed me that she wasn’t going back to the university in the fall.  She was going to take a year off to travel the world and to ‘find herself’.  I told her that was such an exciting idea and when she finds herself I hoped she would also find the money to cover all of her travel expenses because it wasn’t coming out of my pocket.  And I further suggested that she “find herself” rather quickly and settle on one specific major in college.  “You can’t take ‘feeler’ courses forever”.  Tracy changed her major more often than most college students changed their underwear.  Well, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, but we did declare that she was in the Major of the Month Club.
Although I didn’t get to talk on the phone much to Jamie when she was away at college, I was very proud of her for studying so diligently.  Every time I called her dorm room, her roommate would tell me that Jamie was at the library.  I pictured her sitting at a table with books piled up high on each side of her, studying everything from English Literature to Advanced Calculus.  Then I found out that “The Library” was a bar down the street.
Instead of going away to a university, Michael went to a local college.  Michael had always been a bit of an entrepreneur.  In high school he would buy a large economy bag of Tootsie Roll Pops for $2 and then he would sell them individually to his classmates for 50 cents each, making a tidy profit.  

We owned a rental house not far from the college campus he planned to attend and he wanted to know if he could live there.   Since we used the rent we received from that house as part of our income, I couldn’t see just giving it to him.  So he found three other boys to share the house with him and pay rent… all of the rent.  Michael took the master bedroom with his own private bathroom and the other boys shared the other two bedrooms and one bathroom.  
As far as a meal plan was concerned, Michael had that covered as well.  Two of the boys worked part time at their aunt’s Thai restaurant. At the end of each day, they took home all the pre-cooked food that was left over. The third boy he was renting a room to was going to culinary arts school and had an allowance for ingredients to practice his cooking skills at home. Food was plentiful in that house. 

But Michael still came home to do his laundry.

·       1/3 cup chicken broth
·       1 Tbsp. oyster sauce
·       1 Tbsp. soy sauce
·       2 tsp. fish sauce
·       1 tsp. white sugar
·       1 tsp. brown sugar
·       2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
·       1 pound skinless, boneless chicken thighs, coarsely chopped
·       1/4 cup sliced shallots
·       4 cloves garlic, minced
·       2 Tbsp. minced Thai chilies, Serrano, or other hot pepper (or adjust to taste)
·       1 cup very thinly sliced fresh basil leaves
·       2 cups hot cooked rice
  1. Whisk chicken broth, oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, white sugar, and brown sugar together in a bowl until well blended.
  2. Heat large skillet over high heat. Drizzle in oil. Add chicken and stir fry until it loses its raw color, 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in shallots, garlic, and sliced chilies. Continue cooking on high heat until some of the juices start to caramelize in the bottom of the pan, about 2 or 3 more minutes. Add about a tablespoon of the sauce mixture to the skillet; cook and stir until sauce begins to caramelize, about 1 minute.
  3. Pour in the rest of the sauce. Cook and stir until sauce has deglazed the bottom of the pan. Continue to cook until sauce glazes onto the meat, 1 or 2 more minutes. Remove from heat.
  4. Stir in basil. Cook and stir until basil is wilted, about 20 seconds. Serve with rice.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Release Book Review - A DROP OF HOPE (The Omni Towers Series, Book 4) by Jamie A Waters

Title: Drop of Hope (Book 4 of The Omni Towers Series)
Author: Jamie A. Waters
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Post-Apocalyptic 
Release Date: October 18, 2018

About the Book:
Dangerous secrets can lurk under the water's surface…
Ariana Alivette has lived a life of perceived luxury in the elusive Omni Towers. While most of the remaining survivors around the world are struggling to survive, Ariana has been locked away to protect a dangerous secret. But, even the walls of a gilded cage can't last forever.
When Ariana makes the decision to reveal her secret to save a life, she suddenly finds herself targeted by those determined to use her for their own ambitions. Ariana must quickly learn the rules of this new world and do whatever is necessary to master her own fate, because one wrong decision means losing her life—and her heart.

Buy Links: Amazon 
Currently Free on Kindle Unlimited
My Review:

Ohmigosh! This series has so many awesome characters! Once we found out what happens in Kayla's life in Book 3, it still wasn't enough for me. I wanted... no, I NEEDED to know what was going to happen to other characters in this series.  Jamie Waters has blessed us with more. In Book 4, Drop of Hope, we learn more about Ariana Alivette and her twin brother Jason. 

As we learned in a previous book in this series, Ariana is a very talented water channeler, but there is so much more to her than we originally thought. Unlike Kayla, she is sweet and innocent and yet still has an underlying strength that makes her totally awesome.  Having been protected all her life and locked away by her father to keep others from finding out about her abilities, Ariana emerges in order to save a life. Once her abilities are discovered, others become obsessed with possessing her for their own gains. 

The last couple of chapters had me cringing and then crying. Real tears filling my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. I had a tough time putting this one down.  And now I want more.  I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series.

My Rating:

About the Author:
Jamie A. Waters is an award-winning, urban fantasy, science-fiction, and paranormal romance writer. Her first novel was a winner of the Readers' Favorite Award in Science-Fiction Romance and the CIPA EVVY Award in Science-Fiction. 

Jamie currently resides in Florida with two neurotic dogs who enjoy stealing socks. When she's not pursuing her passion of writing, she's usually trying to learn new and interesting random things (like how to pick locks or use the self-cleaning feature of the oven without setting off the fire alarm). In her downtime, she enjoys reading on her Kindle, playing computer games, painting, or acting as a referee between the dragons and fairies currently at war inside her closet. 

You can learn more by visiting: 

Website:  www.jamieawaters.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/booksbyjamiewaters/

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News from Author Evelyn Lederman

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‘An Uncontrollable Passion’  Outer World Passion Book 1

‘An Uncontrollable Passion’ goes live today! I realized how long many of you had to wait for the conclusion of the Nightshade Saga series… A long 4 years! With the Outer Worlds Passion series, I’m publishing the books a month a part.

I really enjoyed writing the YA Scifi Zaratan Trilogy, but this time around my characters are older and live in the 31st Century. With the role of women eroding and advancing at the same time today, I was torn in how I was going to depict them in the future. My first heroine is a kick-ass corporate militia cadet, while the second is victimized by her specific circumstances. The third is in between the original two. As with my other books, the women are the focal point of my stories.

In the 31st Century, Earth parents sell their daughters to corporate executives or wealthy outer world adventurers who run their own operations. Clay Wilson ventures to Earth to collect his new ship and the genetically-enhanced bride he purchased. He was about to take a virgin bride into his bed, but he couldn’t help fantasizing about a woman who entered and exited his life without so much as a touch.

Sydney Aubrey joined a corporate militia because she wanted to control her life. Her mother had been a castoff bride and she didn’t want to be dependent on a man. Unfortunately, she encounters one who impacts her as none had done before. She also wished he wouldn’t stand so close behind her. Her body was reacting wildly to his proximity. Chills of arousal ran through her as his breath made contact with the back of her neck.

I hope you enjoy this series.

Amazon US 
Other Stores

‘An Unleashed Passion’
Outer Worlds Passion Series: Book 2 Cover Reveal

Coming November 13th!

As a castoff bride, she had no future.  He was a hybrid-human who believed he was beneath her.

Laurel Brayton was raised to be one thing, a contracted bride. When her groom married another, her future appeared bleak. Victimized, she was determined to take control of her life despite the odds.

Gerard Holmes was in love with a woman he could never possess. When she came to him in desperation, he had no choice but to succumb to her wishes. Every decision she made placed her in greater danger, causing Gerard to reach deep inside himself and overcome his past insecurities.

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The Novel Lady Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon