Thursday, February 7, 2019

New Release! THE OMNI TOWERS SERIES - Boxed Set for Books 4, 5 & 6

Wow! Another boxed set from author Jamie A. Waters! 

Available today!

If you have finished reading Books 1, 2 & 3, which mainly focus on Kayla's story, just wait! This next boxed set focuses on two other dynamic women, with even more adventure, twists, turns, romance and mystery. Ohmigosh! I love this entire series! You can buy all six of these books individually, or save on these boxed sets... or download them free from KU if you subscribe!  Check these out!


Three books in the award-winning dystopian fantasy series!
Drop of Hope (Book 4)
Dangerous secrets can lurk under the water's surface…
Ariana Alivette has lived a life of perceived luxury in the elusive Omni Towers. While most of the remaining survivors around the world are struggling to survive, Ariana has been locked away to protect a dangerous secret. But, even the walls of a gilded cage can't last forever.
When Ariana makes the decision to reveal her secret to save a life, she suddenly finds herself targeted by those determined to use her for their own ambitions. Ariana must quickly learn the rules of this new world and do whatever is necessary to master her own fate, because one wrong decision means losing her life—and her heart.
Flames of Redemption (Book 5)
Beware the games that can leave you burned…
Valentina has spent her life working as an elite agent for the Coalition. After a rescue effort goes horribly wrong, she's taken to the Omni Towers where she finds herself embroiled in a masterful game of chess and she's the hunted queen.
With the Coalition poised on the brink of civil war and ready to rescind their alliance with The Omni Towers, Valentina must quickly get to the bottom of who is behind the sinister plot targeting their leadership.
When shipments of weapons go missing and buried secrets emerge, Valentina is forced into facing her past and playing the deadliest game of her life. Unfortunately, the stakes of this gamble are higher than anyone could have anticipated and not even a love forged in fire may be enough to save their people from destruction.
Spirit of the Towers (Book 6)
Fate may guide you, but it never promises you'll survive…
Valentina once prided herself on her ability to blend in and adapt to any situation. But no one can remain in the shadows forever, especially when faced with the flames of truth.
The alliance between OmniLab and the Coalition is crumbling, and the man Valentina loves is at the heart of it. With people dying and riots threatening the already shaky foundation of the towers, it's a race against time for Valentina to find out who's responsible.
And deep below the surface, the rapids and danger continue to grow...
An unlikely friendship may be the only chance Valentina has to calm the storm and stop the rebellion before it's too late. And if she fails, it's not just her life and the man she loves at risk—but also the spirit of the towers and the secrets lurking beneath the fallen city.


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