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Book Review - PORTALS by Savannah Verte

Title: Portals
Author: Savannah Verte
Genre: Time Travel Romance, Epic Fantasy
Release Date: July 19, 2019

About the Book:
The fate of the Aradian world depends on a single lesson.
Can they survive long enough to learn it?

A banishment portal meant for one becomes a catalyst to destiny for seven brothers who pass through. Their journey takes them between worlds, time, and back again, revealing truths they were never supposed to uncover: everything they’ve believed for a millennia is false, they are pawns on someone else’s game board, and, they are all expendable. Between the world they know, and the ones they don’t are more portals, each with truths waiting to be revealed.

Can they turn the tables, reclaim their lives, reunite with their mates, and end the game? Or, will their world be lost forever before they can return?

Truth takes time…theirs is running out.

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My Review:

I first met Author Savannah Verte a few years ago at a book conference in Savannah, Georgia.  Awesome lady who is not only a very creative writer, but a really nice person as well.  At another book convention, Space Coast Book Lovers 2019 in Port Canaveral, Florida, I ran into her again.  That's where she was launching her newest novel, "Portals".

Let me start out by saying that this is a really big book of approximately 680 pages.  I was extremely excited to get my hands on this book when it first came out because I am a huge fan of Savannah Verte.  Fabulous world building and an epic fantasy!  I was blown away by this author's imagination and creativity.  I almost believed that places like Aradian could actually exist.

It took me a while to read this entire novel because real life kind of got in the way, and then I had to back track a bit to get back into it.  There are a lot of characters to keep straight.  But it was certainly worth reading.  The story hit on loyalty, family bonds, true mates, and the search for the truth.  And that "truth" may surprise you.  Definitely worth the read!

My Rating:

About the Author:
A lifelong lover of words and reading, Savannah Verte hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to write when she grows up. Born and raised in the upper Midwest, Savannah’s gypsy spirit and never quit attitude keep her busy and seldom idle. For so many reasons, Savannah considers herself a ‘Contemporary Vagabond’ when it comes to writing and hopes that others find her diverse offerings as enjoyable to read as they are to write.

As the primary owner and driving force behind Eclectic Bard Books she considers herself immensely fortunate to see writing from varied perspectives as she endeavors to publish the authors rostered there. Working with other writers, Savannah gets to expand her horizons every day as someone brings a new idea to the table and the brainstorming begins. There is something addictive about the creative process for her and helping other authors embrace their dreams make hers a reality daily.

That’s the official Savannah, the unofficial version is just this: a girl who loves experiencing life with every twist and turn it takes. When she was born, she had such fine, light hair that her mother used to tape bows to her head so people would know she was a girl. She’s had a host of crazy unrelated jobs- everything from cake decorator, dry cleaner, and insurance agent to Emergency Room assistant, bartender, crime lab tech and bouncer. Savannah loves air hockey but completely sucks at it. She loves good jazz, good scotch, and antiques but also old rock, a quiet tea, and a tidy home. She’s completely technology impaired and can get it after she’s broken the computer or done it ass-backwards a few times… Thank Gods that there are some amazing meme creators that let her pilfer images or she’d be lost. Lime green is her color, the rhinoceros is her logo & philosophy, and she’s completely mad about seeing new authors try.

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