Sunday, March 8, 2020


What a great weekend!  

This was my first time going to Penned Charleston in South Carolina and I must say that it was an extremely well organized event, thanks to the event organizers Amy and Rick Miles and their numerous helpers.

The weekend started off with a Meet & Greet at the hotel bar on Friday evening.  Unfortunately the drive was a bit further for us than we originally thought and we were dead tired once we hit the hotel, but we heard it was fabulous.

On Saturday morning the authors (just look at that fabulous list to the left!) began setting up their tables and by noon the doors opened for the VIP readers.

The energy in the room was exceptional!  Great books and it was so awesome being able to mingle with the authors.  If you are a "reader" these book signings and/or conventions are so much fun!  Here are a few of the amazing authors:

Check out the dragon that author Jamie A. Waters was giving away.  And she had Book #2 of her Dragon Portal series that isn't due to be released until later this month.  Quite a few lucky people got an advance copy!

These are just a few of the authors there.  Many of them had special giveaways of swag and baskets.  Loved seeing Cayce Poponea, Breezy Jones, Kimberly O'Malley, Lia Davis, Roxanne Witherell, Teri Riggs and so many more!

And then... after a fabulous day of mingling with these authors and picking up some new reads, there was an "after" party!  

A 60's "After" Party!!  

My sister, Penny, who has enjoyed dressing up in costumes ever since she was a kid, had a blast pulling out whatever we could find that looked like it came from the 60's.  Fringe, flower headbands, John Lennon glasses, peace symbol necklaces... we had it all!

Yes, that is me on the left...

And we weren't the only ones!  

There was music and drinks and food and chocolate dipped strawberries!  

And dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing!

There were even four people dressed up like the Flintstones!  Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty!  They looked awesome!

And I met another blogger at the 60s party, a fabulous lady by the name of Lynn Shaw with "2 Girls and a Book"

I also ran into another one of my favorite bloggers, Donna Antonio of "In My Humble Opinion". 

We tend to run into each other a lot because we often end up at the same book signings.  

You can usually recognize her by the little monkey she generally has with her.

And saving the best for last, this guy had on a T-shirt that was so totally cool (or maybe I should say "groovey").


Soooo.... come join me next time!  I'll be at Book Obsessed Babes in St. Augustine, Florida on April 24-26, 2020.  See you there!


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