Saturday, August 22, 2020

Book Blitz & New Release Alert - SECOND CHANCE by E.H.Demeter

Second Chance (A Haven Novel)
by E.H. Demeter
Publication Date: August 18th, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Sweet Country, Romance
After a horrific car crash leaves her a widow, Sabrina Hall-Jackson makes the difficult decision to leave the life she’d created in New York and return to her hometown of Haven, South Carolina.
She hopes familiarity will heal her grief, but going home proves more difficult than she’d imagined. With her heart still yearning for the love she’d lost, Sabrina finds herself spiraling into a vast depression that threatens to consume her – body and soul.
In an attempt to overcome her pain, Sabrina surrounds herself with family and childhood friends, and slowly begins to move on. However, she doesn’t realize that amidst the nostalgia and uplifting memories, is the one person that holds the spark to reignite her heart, and her life.

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Josh moved to stand beside me, resting his arms against the fence, his pose similar to mine.
“What did you dream about?”
“Getting out of here,” I whispered. An odd sensation filled me, chilling my stomach. Shame. I was ashamed that I had spent so many years dreaming of getting out, getting away.
“Well, you sure did that.” Josh chuckled, shifting to look at me. “And now? What do you dream about now?
I looked at Josh, a soft sigh escaping my lips.
“I don’t know anymore. I feel like my life has become a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”
“Sure, I can imagine. But you’ve got your family, and God’s sure not gonna turn his back on you. Neither am I.” Josh held my gaze and that slow warmth filled me once more as we looked at one another. Emotions swirled. Within my head. Within my heart.
My heart kicked in my chest; my lungs constricted. Josh didn’t move, yet I felt something shift, as surely as I felt the breeze whisper through the trees. A whippoorwill cried, breaking the spell, and I pulled away, though it took an immense effort.
“It’s getting late. I should…. We should go back.”
What was I doing? Here I was, all but throwing myself at him. I shoved my fingers through my hair, closing my eyes tightly as I walked.

Author Bio:
E.H. Demeter was born in Oregon City, Oregon, though she now makes her home in South Carolina, with her husband and two children, where she can be found to hate the heat and love the rain.

The written word has been a draw since her early years, and she is seldom found without a book in hand. Writing is her passion, and her goal is to share her words, thoughts, and opinions with the world. She is a lover of books, hot tea, and sweets - much to the dismay of her waistline.

She grew up reading fantasy and romance novels, and finds that is where most of her inspiration lies, though her love of the young adult genre has also sparked creative fires.

She can be found on social media and encourages readers to reach out to her.


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