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#BookReview - Sapphire (Daughters of the Dagger) by Elizabeth Rose

Title: Sapphire (Daughters of the Dagger)
Author: Elizabeth Rose
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc..
Release Date: August 20, 2013

About the Book:
Sapphire is one of four sisters named after the gems in daggers bought by their late mother in regards to a superstition. She has been betrothed to Lord Roe Sexton, a man she's never met. But when she goes to Rye to meet him, she's told he's dead, and she's married off to the evil baron instead. So she sneaks out in disguise not only to get away from her abusive husband, but to find the meaning of true love, stopping at a nearby tavern in the process.

Lord Roe Sexton returns from war overseas after being away for over a year. Victorious and celebrating their success, he stops with the soldiers at a tavern looking for a drink and a woman for the night. The one he chooses seems to be trying to tell him she's a lady, but he doesn't believe her since she's dressed like a whore.

A mistaken identity turns into a night of passion that neither of them will ever forget. But when Roe returns to his castle the next day to find his lover there and also married, things get very complicated. And when he exposes a ring of smugglers, Sapphire's life is endangered and one wrong move could bring about disastrous results for both of them. 

Can a woman who was thrown into an abusive marriage with a man she despises, find love and passion with the man she was truly meant to marry, or will greed and deceit keep them apart? Emotions as well as intrigue are taken to the limit in the second book of the Daughters of the Dagger Series - Sapphire.

Books in the Daughters of the Dagger Series: Daughters of the Dagger Prequel, Ruby - Book 1, Sapphire - Book 2, Amber - Book 3, Amethyst - Book 4. Followed by the MadMan MacKeefe Series: Onyx - Book 1, Aidan - Book 2, Ian - Book 3.

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My Review:

I love stories with strong willed female protagonists.  But there is a fine line between strong-willed and downright stupid. Sapphire crossed that line a few too many times, in my opinion.  All in all, it was still a very good story.  The romance was tingly and sometimes hot!  I liked several of the characters and the story was fast moving and kept my interest.

The story starts off with Sapphire's much-older, overweight, balding husband claiming his husbandly rights.  Fearing his fists, she submits.  This was not the life Sapphire had planned.  When she arrived in Rye, she had been informed that her betrothed, Lord Roe Sexton (whom she had not yet met), had been killed while off fighting in France for King Edward III.  Instead, Roe's uncle married her off to this disgusting Baron from Lydd.

While trying to find solitude away from her horrible husband and at the same time experience a bit of life, Lady Sapphire covers herself with a cloak to hide her identity and gets her stable boy, Dugald to accompany her to the Bucket of Blood, a local tavern.  When Dugald leaves to spend a few moments with his love, Erin, Sapphire is mistaken for a local whore by a knight who had entered the tavern.  Although she tried to explain that she wasn't who he thought she was, she got caught up in the sight and touch of him... and the rest you will just have to read about!

Matters get more complicated when Lady Sapphire discovers the identity of her knight, and he discovers her identity as well.  Then there is smuggling, sword fights and much, much more.  The story is really good and the characters are great.  If it weren't for Sapphire's stupidity at certain times with how she put herself and others in danger, I probably would have given this 5 wine glasses.  

I must compliment Elizabeth Roe on her intriguing story and her historical research.  There are other books in this series, Sapphire being Book #2.  Each book tells the story of each of four sisters.  Although I did not read Book #1, Ruby, it did not take away from Book #2.  

My Rating:

About the Author:

Elizabeth Rose is the bestselling author of over 60 books. She writes medieval, historical, contemporary, paranormal, and western romance. She is an amazon all-star and her books appear as ebooks, print, and now she's started publishing them as audiobooks as well. 

Her favorite characters in her works include dark, dangerous and tortured heroes, and feisty, independent heroines who know how to wield a sword. She loves writing 14th century medievals, and is known for her medieval series. 

She also has a 12 book small town contemporary series called Tarnished Saints. 

Her books include pirates, elementals, vampires, shapeshifters, Greek gods/goddesses, mythological creatures, warlocks, cowboys, and of course Scottish Highlanders, medieval knights, and ladies and lords.

She started self-publishing, creating her own covers and her own booktrailers on a dare from her two sons and has accomplished great feats in the last few years. 

Elizabeth's website is: where you will find book trailers, sneak peeks at upcoming covers, excerpts from her books, as well as original recipes of food that her characters eat in her stories.

If you'd like to follow her on twitter, her handle is @ElizRoseNovels


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