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#BookReview - Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch

Title:  Flirting with Danger - Book 1
Author:  Suzanne Enoch
Genre:  Crime Fiction, Romance, Mystery & Suspense
Release Date:  October 13, 2009

About the Book:

In her dazzling romantic suspense debut, USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Enoch brings us a thrilling tale about a thief who needs to prove she's no murderer and the millionaire who loves her.
Samantha Jellicoe is a thief and proud of it. Raised to appreciate the finer things in life, Sam has no trouble divesting the wealthy of their treasures. This all changed, however, the night she attempts to steal a valuable item from a Palm Beach estate. Before she knew what hit her, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed, and Sam ends up saving millionaire Richard Addison. She's a good thief and will own up to her jobs, but if anyone thinks to tie her to murder, they better think again.
On any other night, having a one hundred plus pounds of female fling herself at you is a good thing. But on this particular night, Richard Addison is mad as hell. Not only did he just have his gallery blown up-with him about to enter it-but the woman who rescued him didn't stick around to offer any explanations. When the dust settles, Rick knows the only person with answers to his questions is the mystery woman. And if she thinks she can hide from him, she better think again.

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My Review:

Wow!  This is just what I was in the mood to read! Action, adventure, mystery, romance and a snarky thief who won't take a back seat! 

I'm usually pretty good at figuring out "who dunnit", but this one had me stumped until the end.  And with the amount of action and really, really good romance, I had a tough time putting this book down for even a few minutes!

Samantha Jellicoe is a thief.  Her father was a thief who taught her well. She's also very smart and knows a thing or two about antiquities and art. And she is also a thief with ethics, which makes her a very likable thief. After breaking into the home of the very wealthy Richard Addison, a bomb goes off nearly killing her and the homeowner. Samantha manages to drag Richard away from the danger and saves his life, but the security guard is killed. Not wanting to be blamed for a murder, Samantha makes a deal with Richard to find out who was responsible. The chemistry between these two characters is sizzling hot! 

Although I'm more familiar with reading Suzanne Enoch as a historical romance author, this was a pleasant surprise being her first attempt in this genre.  After reading this (Book #1), I am quite anxious to read more in this series.  

My Rating: 

About the Author:
A lifelong lover of books, Suzanne Enoch has been writing them since she learned to read. She is the author of two well-received traditional Regencies, 24 and counting England-set Historical Romances, four contemporary Romantic Suspense novels, and a growing number of Scottish Highlands Historical Romances including the October 2016 release of HERO IN THE HIGHLANDS (Book One in the No Ordinary Hero trilogy).

A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne lives with a green parakeet named Kermit, some very chirpy finches, and a small army of Star Wars figures (including a life-size Yoda). Her books regularly appear on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and when she's not busily working on her next book or staging fights with action figures, she likes to read, play video games, and go to the movies with her large and supportive village.


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