Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Golf - The Way We Do It in the Florida Keys

Although we do have a couple of golf courses down here in the Keys, the residents of Islamorada have their own way of playing the game.

Our way is demonstrated each year during our charity golf tournament known as The Conch Scramble, which occurred here in Islamorada this past weekend.  Here is how it works:

There are no green's fees, golf carts, or sand traps.

What we do have is a beautiful sunset, a great imagination, and a spirit for fun. And we have water. Lots and lots of water.

This year, the morning rain didn't even stop these hearty golfers. Typical of Florida weather, the rain gave way to a beautiful sunny day.

Oh! I got off track. I was explaining how it works.

So each foursome travels by boat from tee to tee, with a designated driver/caddie. Yes, this is important to have a designated driver. And yes, the boats are decorated.

Boats are docked and golfers come ashore. Golfers are dressed in various costumes. All kinds of costumes.

Each golfer gets two shots at the floating targets from each tee venue. Yes, I said "floating targets". Out in the water. With golf balls that are biodegradable, made from fish food.

After playing nine holes, it appears that a few folk went to Islamorada Fish Company to celebrate. Well, wherever they went, celebrating is something we do well here in the Keys.

Oh! And as I said, this is a charity event. Money is raised for numerous well-deserving charities.

I love living in the Keys!

Conch Scramble Sponsors :
Morgan Insurance Agency
ASI Progressive

Note: Some of these pictures are from last year's Conch Scramble. They were just too good not to post.


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