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Book Review - THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE by Jeanne Adams

Title: The Tentacle Affaire
Author: Jeanne Adams
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Golden Gryphon Press
Release Date: August 31, 2014

About the Book:

She doesn't believe in magic.

When human Slip Traveler Cait Brennan’s routine mission to retrieve a lost interstellar pet goes FUBAR, she ends up hip-deep in a plot to kill five US Senators that puts Earth’s entire population at risk. If she can’t uncover who’s behind the conspiracy and keep her alien employers a secret, she’ll be terminated—permanently.

He doesn't believe in aliens.

Haunted by a devastating failure in another city, magical Enforcer Aiden Bayliss is relentless in protecting the DC area from dark entities. He’ll destroy the powerful force that’s taking out key politicians, whoever—or whatever—it is. And, in spite of the white-hot attraction sizzling between them, his main suspect is one curvy mystery named Cait. 

With everything Aiden believes in question, and Cait squared off against a deadly assassin, both must choose. Uphold their oaths and lose each other forever, or stand together and die. 
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My Review:

Very creative plot line! This book had just about everything in a mashup of genre's. SciFi, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Murder Mystery and a hint of Military, all rolled into one.  Nice build-up to the romance part of the book with the chemistry between Cait and Aiden.

Jeanne Adams created some great, and quite unusual, characters! And the storyline was quite unique.

A Tentacle Affaire is book one in this series but since it was released in 2014 I'm wondering if there are going to be more adventures for Cait and Aiden.

My Rating:

About the Author:
Hello Readers! 

My newest release is out this SEPTEMBER - it's called THE WITCHES WALK. I'm so excited to have this book go live. It was SUCH fun to write.

The next newest book is a "sort of" anthology - CAPITOL DANGER. This fascinating book, written with authors Nancy Northcott, Suzanne Ferrell and JD Tyler, is meant to read as one integrated novel. And it's right on target, with a female presidential candidate! CAPITOL DANGER features characters from my forthcoming books Dead Reckoning, a Faithful Defenders novel, and Deadly Charms. 

My Urban Fantasy/Romance, features the a race to save five senators and the "fight" between tech and magic! That's THE TENTACLE AFFAIRE, a Slip Traveler Novel. The next book in this series, THE RUM RUNNER INCIDENT, should arrive here on Amazon around March 15.

So go, read!! Enjoy!! You'll also find my Thanksgiving Novella, DEADLY DELIVERY and a Christmas novella, BEHIND ENEMY LINES, here on Amazon. BEHIND ENEMY LINES is my first historically set book, with all the action taking place just as WWII breaks out.

I also write thrilling suspense novels, full of action, adventure and romance. Right now, you can buy all of my suspense novels here on Amazon! My last two suspense novels, DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS, and DEADLY LITTLE LIES are connected, although you don't have to read them in order. 

I hope you enjoy my books. I've been a full-time writer for 10 years, and have loved every minute of it. I live in DC, have a fabulous family and three ridiculously silly, big dogs, and I like movies and books where things blow up. No wonder I write suspense, right? As one of my favorite authors, Anne McCaffrey is wont to say, the rest is pretty much subject to change without notice! Grins.

Find me at, @JeanneAdams on Twitter and JeanneAdamsAuthor on Facebook


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