Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Here are some Book Reviews you were not expecting! INSPIRED INNER GENIUS

For those of you who check out my blog regularly, you know that I don't review Children's Books. That's because most of the books I review are... um... very adult. But I recently discovered a new series of books designed to keep the interest of young children and at the same time inspire and educate them. So I'm breaking my rules and telling you about these awesome little books that are perfect for the 5 to 10 year old munchkins in your life.  They are quick-read picture books that portray different famous people and how they overcame adversity and found the strength and determination to become people we can admire and be inspired by for their contributions to the world.

The book series I'm talking about is by Inspired Inner Genius and they are producing new books on a regular basis.  Here is what is available so far:

Albert Einstein (Inspired Inner Genius Book 1)

About Albert Einstein:

Today, Einstein is widely recognized as a genius and one of the greatest physicists in history, but things didn't start off that way. Einstein was slow at speech and spoke only from the age of 3. Despite his slow start, Einstein was always curious and imaginative. It was these qualities that eventually led to some of his craziest ideas and experiments. Some of his most famous inventions include the mass energy equivalence formula E = MC2, the theory of relativity and quantum theory.

Steve Jobs (Inspired Inner Genius Book 2) 

About Steve Jobs:
Crowned as one of the greatest innovators of this century, Steve Jobs was the man behind the Apple we all know today. Before he was globally renowned as the CEO of Apple, Steve's life wasn't the most smooth sailing and conventional one. Despite the initial hardships, Steve remained optimistic and explorative. This combined with his passion for technology pushed him to create a company of his own. This company was none other than the Apple we know today, which has since then established itself as one of the greatest tech companies in the world.

Amelia Earhart (Inspired Inner Genius Book 3)

About Amelia Earhart:
Nicknamed as the "Queen of Air", Amelia was an international celebrity who set multiple aviation records. She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo, raising the bar for all aviators alike. But she did not stop there. Amelia took it up a notch and set out to conquer the seemingly impossible challenge of flying around the world, until her unfortunate and mysterious disappearance. Nevertheless, Amelia left her mark as one of the most iconic women of her generation, inspiring millions of women around the world even to this very day.

Kobe Bryant (Inspired Inner Genius Book 4)

About Kobe Bryant:

Also known as The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant was a legendary basketball player who inspired millions all over the world with his superb skill in basketball and unparalleled will to win. In addition to the numerous feats and achievements he accomplished on the court, Kobe also made his mark as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He passed away tragically along with one of his daughters (Gianna Bryant) in a helicopter accident in 2020. Yet, his legacy remains alive and burns brightly in the hearts of his fans to this day.

Ada Lovelace: (Inspired Inner Genius Book 5)

About Ada Lovelace:
Known as the “Enchantress of Numbers”, Ada Lovelace was a visionary mathematician who was a forerunner of modern day computing. Challenging the gender-norms of her time, Ada Lovelace was a well-rounded mathematician who not only pioneered women's involvement in technology, but also blazed a trail for the invention of computers a century before it was actually built! An unheralded pioneer in technology, Ada Lovelace and her accomplishments remain a huge inspiration to women and technophiles to this day.

About Inspired Inner Genius:

"Here at Inspired Inner Genius, we believe that every child is born a genius. We are a publishing house founded with the purpose to publish children's books that serve to inspire, educate and empower young minds across the globe from a tender age. We figured, what better way to do so than to help these kids meet their muse -- by publishing the biographies of those who came before us.

Hop in and immerse yourself in the real-life stories of these characters, whose legacies have lived on. Understand how these characters overcame the trials and tribulations in their lives in order to emerge as who they are known as today! To you, the young reader who has just kicked off your journey at the start line, do not fret. Awaken your inner genius, for we bring to you the valuable stories of the ones who have crossed the finish."

How It Got Started:

"Inspired Inner Genius is founded by two young co-founders, Tommy & Clement, who passionately believe in children's empowerment. The whole idea started as Tommy was looking through bookstores and libraries in search of meaningful books for his 2 beautiful daughters. He can't help but realize that majority of children's books doesn't fit his taste. Growing up, Tommy isn't a fan of fiction but was a fanatic lover of non-fiction & biographies. That's when the idea of children's biographies came to mind. When Clement was approached with this idea, he immediately fell in love with it. As a student-athlete and someone who has always been in charge of leadership responsibilities, he instantly saw the potential positive impact of this simple idea: Children's Biographies.

It's not as if it was a magical idea that was never thought of by anyone else. In fact, there were other major publishers of Children's Biographies in the marketplace. Nonetheless, this was fuel for these two young co-founders as they had to work harder on the copy and the artwork. Through countless iterations and relentless pursuit for excellence, they published the first genius in the Inspired Inner Genius series: Albert Einstein on 1st April 2021. Today, they are working hard along with the team to create the most outstanding books, featuring a diversity of incredible icons who've inspired the world with their greatness." 


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