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Book Review - SIX NIGHTS OF SIN SERIES by Ellis O. Day


Title:  Six Nights of Sin
Author:  Ellis O. Day
Genre:  BDSM Erotica
Release Date:  June 13, 2017

About the Book:

This kinky box set brings the heat! Over the course of six nights, two strangers come together to explore their deepest desires. After meeting at the erotic La Petite Mort Club, Sarah and Nick take turns acting out their naughtiest fantasies…

Whatever he wants, she'll try.

Whatever she wants, he'll submit.

But when the sixth night ends will either be able to walk away?

"Is this book hot, yes, is it sexy, yes, is it steamy, yes but there is also a love story." – Rosemary M.

"Hot. Sexy. Erotic. Fun. Playful. Touching. Imaginative. This was a series of emotional encounters between two people with powerful attraction and personal issues. -- Kae

Interview with the Author

Q. – So, why should someone read the Six Nights Of Sin series?

Because it’s hot – really, really hot and it’s well written.

The story is kinky and erotic but at the core is love. The two main characters must journey to find that love but it’s there waiting for them if they’re willing to take a chance. For Sarah, this is her second chance and perhaps her last if she doesn’t discover how to move on from the past.

This series also has a rich, alpha male and who doesn’t love to read about handsome, billionaires with hearts of gold? I know I love reading these kinds of books and writing them. I truly believe that one of the cornerstones of a great relationship is fabulous sex and my books have that and more.

On top of all those reasons, you’ll get your first glimpse into La Petite Morte Club—a sex club where almost anything goes as long as the participants are willing. There will be at least four additional series surrounding this club and possibly more, depending on what characters pop out of the woodwork as we wander deeper into the club and its activities.

Q. – Who should read the Six Nights Of Sin series?

These books are packed full of kinky, explicit sex with some bondage, bdsm and submission scenes. So, they’re meant for mature readers of 18 years and older. I don’t gloss over the emotions or the actions. It’s all there in hot, graphic detail, so get your glass of wine and a fan, and enjoy Sarah and Nick’s adventure. Anyone college age and older who likes contemporary romance, new adult and erotic should love this series.

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My Review:

Okay, this one made me blush. Seriously blush... but I couldn't stop reading! (Cheeks turning red just thinking about it). If you're in the mood to read something hot... really, really HOT, then this series is for you. But keep it away from the kiddies. This series is meant for the 18+ crowd. And I might add that if you have a serious heart condition, you may want to skip it altogether. Wow!!

Six Nights of Sin is a series of six novella's, totaling just over 200 pages of steam. And although I normally don't read erotica, there were some interesting characters in this series and a storyline I'd like to follow up on. The main characters, Sarah and Nick, had an undeniable chemistry even though their initial intent was to not get involved in any personal, long term commitment. A word of caution. This series is not totally complete. There is a cliffhanger at the end of Book 6.

This was my first time reading anything by Author Ellis O. Day and now I'm looking forward to meeting her in person at Space Coast Book Lovers 2021 in Cape Canaveral, Florida next week. 

Oh! And you can get the entire Six Nights of Sin series FREE! That's right. All six books. All six fantasies FREE for joining the author's newsletter at

My Rating:

About the Author:

Ellis O. Day grew up with her nose buried in books and now enjoys writing the kind of stories she loves to read. Romance--the steamier the better. She believes that the cornerstones of all great romantic relationships are: love and friendshipk trust, attraction and fabulous sex. Her stories contain all of these (especially the last one).

Special Note:  If you are anywhere near Cape Canaveral on Saturday, June 26th, 2021, you can meet Author Ellis O. Day in person at the Space Coast Book Lovers book signing at the Radison Resort, 8701 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral, Florida. The book signing is a free event on Saturday with over 70 fabulous authors - including ELLIS O. DAY a/k/a L.S. O'Dea! For more information, check out their website at: 


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