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Book Review: One True Mate (Shifter's Sacrifice, Book 1) by Lisa Ladew

From the Back Cover:

Trevor Burbank is a shifter cop in a world of humans who don't know the evil that wants them dead. If he does his job well, the humans will never need to know, but he feels like he's working against the clock, because his pack is about to die. The females have all been killed, and the half-breeds they make when they mate with humans aren't usually skilled or strong enough to fight. Gabriela Carmi has lost almost everything that means anything to her way too fast and now she feels like she’s losing her mind too. On a quest to find something that won't reveal itself to her, she feels as if she’s pining for someone who may not exist. So when an evil presence begins to follow her, she isn't sure if her mind is slowly falling apart, or if the impossible is actually coming true. And when an instant attraction sparks between her and the dangerously sexy police officer sent to help her, it makes matters worse and better at the same time. It's a race against time to find the angel/human hybrid One True Mates that the pack's spiritual leaders say truly exist. Saving the all the shifter clans is on everyone's mind, except for the chosen, the One True Mates, most of whom don’t even know who or what they really are, or why they seem to be slowly losing their minds.

My Review:

The premise of a shifter and human/angel fated hybrid couple sounded intriguing, so I was excited to try out this new series. Unfortunately, the execution was somewhat lackluster. The characters were fairly one-dimensional and I was bombarded by repeated history lessons and prophecy.

*cough* Show, not tell. *cough*

There was very little action, character development and plot development. In fact, the entire time, the heroine had these strange "abilities" that she seemed to have but wasn't sure she had -- and even at the end, you weren't sure she really had at all. It was all very ambiguous. Not to mention that it seemed like the heroine came to life on the first page of the book... she has little to no history of a life to draw upon.

I would have liked to have seen more of a focus on character development -- let me really get to know the characters and get inside their head a little bit. I could have learned about the prophecy just once from their point of view when they learned about it the first time (not when they each learned about it so it felt shoved down my throat). I would have liked to have learned more about why the bad guy is a bad guy.... don't just label him a bad guy... give him some depth. He had to have reasons for doing what he did. I love a well written bad guy... sadly, that didn't happen here.

Even the supporting characters didn't make much sense to me. I felt as though I was being told, "You should like this person, but not this one," without any reason. None of the characters had any real depth to their personality. I had a hard time figuring out who was even talking... Trevor? Troy? Some other T name? They all seemed the same. Issues were brought up, but never really addressed -- like the brothers and their inability to shift? Maybe that's something that's going to be touched upon in later series. Who knows?

Sadly, this book wasn't for me. While I truly enjoy shifter stories and paranormal romance, there was something seriously lacking in execution for me.

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