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Book Review: Sassy Saturdays by Judith Keim

From the Back Cover:

Tiffany Wright never planned to become a torch singer, much less a pregnant and single one. It was only with the help of her Fat Fridays luncheon group of strong women—counting their blessings, not their calories—that she found the courage to leave Beau, her once wonderful husband destroyed by drug addiction.
Now those same women are her supportive audience at Sassy Saturdays, the enchanting evenings when Tiffany belts out ballads at a local club. Things heat up when Kevin Bascombe—tall, dark, and exceedingly handsome—moves in next door…and turns out to be both Beau’s new business partner and Tiffany’s literal savior in a storm. And when tragedy strikes, Tiffany and Kevin find themselves on the same side of a legal battle, while Tiffany must summon the strength to stand up to her domineering in-laws or risk an unbearable loss.
With blue martinis as their talisman, the Sassy Saturdays friends, each facing familial challenges of her own, unite in support, finding hope in friendship, sisterhood, laughter—and colorful cocktails.

My Thoughts:

Having recently read Judith Keim's book FAT FRIDAYS, I was excited to see a sequel SASSY SATURDAYS.  (I love these titles!!!)  Although both of these books can be read as stand-alone books, reading the first one adds to the full understanding of what is going on in the lives of these ladies and I would highly recommend it.

The Fat Friday tradition of several ladies meeting every Friday for lunch where calories don't count continues, but instead of focusing on Sukie and her life, this book focuses more on Tiffany, a sassy singer who performs every Saturday night at a local club.  Tiffany's baby is born and a heart wrenching turn of events brings the ladies together in a show of support.  As in the first book, the other characters are brought in and their lives continue to have twists and turns.  Carol Ann, for instance, just can't seem to get her life together.  I got a bit angry with her for her stupidity where men are concerned, but I know there are women in this world who have this problem. Hopefully she will get her act together by the next book!  If not, the pages will be torn out as it is hurled across the room.

Judith Keim does an excellent job with character development and allowing these characters to portray just how strong women can be.

A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley and the Publisher.  I would give this book 4 1/2 wine glasses (or in this case Blue Martini's).  Not the best novel I've read, but it certainly was entertaining.

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