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#BookReview - God's Covenant by Debbie N. Goldberg

Title:  God's Covenant (A Divinely Ordered Life Series - Volume 2)
Author:  Debbie N. Goldberg
Genre:  Spiritual Healing, Inspirational
Release Date:  July 19, 2017

About the Book:

If you knew your life was just your story, a dream, and that each person is just acting out his/her storyline as a character in a book or play, how would that change the way you witness behavior in this world? If you understood that everyone is reacting to their own perceived suffering and their behavior is an attempt to take away or hide their pain, do you think you might look at yourself and others differently? Would you, could you, develop compassion for everyone's ignorance of the fact that they are asleep and unconscious? Could you develop compassion for your own unconsciousness?The answers to these questions could be what lies between you and finally knowing what your true life's calling is; what God truly wants for your life. Perfect synchronization with the Universe begins in understanding the Creator's purpose for you. Perfect alignment happens when you begin to co-create a life of Divine purpose alongside your Maker. There is no freer feeling than to know that each decision, no matter how difficult or daunting, if made from love, is guided by the Divine and cannot lead you astray -- this is a life that is co-created with God.In this volume of A Divinely Ordered Life Series, we dive deeper into the meaning of our lives, move forward in our journey toward lasting, transformative love, eternal joy and illuminate the path to our soul's purpose.

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My Review:

Debbie N. Goldberg practiced as a clinical therapist for eighteen years before going into private practice as a Spiritual Mentor.  This series of books brings the spiritual knowledge of her own awakening to inspire healing, love, joy, purpose and creativity to each of us as we work through our own spiritual journey.  This author opens her heart to allow us to see the pain and heartache she personally endured for many years and how she learned to forgive and move on with her life with a new sense of freedom, love and spiritual growth.

This is the second volume in her series A Divinely Ordered Life.  I recommend that you read the first volume "Are You Listening? - God" before reading this one.

In this volume, Debbie discusses how your ego projects negativity and deceives you by creating all the misconceptions that create so much of the energy draining drama that wastes your time.  I think we all get sucked into that from time to time!  She also discusses how your soul projects all of the beauty around you.  If I understand this correctly, both the ego and the soul are essential if we are to learn all of our spiritual life-lessons and grow our hearts with love and compassion.

The author also explains how to connect with your higher self using meditation, deep breathing and your imagination to set the imagery in motion, seeing yourself in a beautiful place where you feel loved and safe.  She suggests that you not have any expectations, but to just welcome whatever form comes to you.  In her words, "If you invite God to work in your heart He will weave your soul like a fine tapestry connecting all the imperfect threads to create a beautiful Piece of Art..."  Another quote I found particularly helpful was "We don't need to be fixed.  We need to be healed from the belief that we are broken and flawed in the first place, or that others are broken as well."

I read this book chapter by chapter, pausing after each one to think about what I had read.  I highly recommend this series for anyone struggling with any form of conflict in their life.  Thank you Debbie Goldberg, for bringing some peace and love to my life.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Author and therapist Debbie N. Goldberg was raised in a Jewish family on Long Island where most of her childhood and young adult life was laced with shame, guilt, abuse and rebellion. It was these turbulent years that set the course toward spirituality that she thrives in today.

As an adult, Debbie became a therapist specializing in depression, anxiety and relationships. Through nearly two decades in a thriving career and ultimately private practice, Debbie sought a path to a deeper more meaningful life.

Through a spiritual collision of meditation and suffering, Debbie heard Jesus speak. What unfolded next was a daily dialogue with Source, much like the conversations she had read in Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversations with God” many years prior.

Vowing to do as God asked, she penned three volumes; Create a Life Worth Living, direct messages from Source and her insights on how they play a part in our lives and now has a second edition of this series called A Divinely Order Life. Volume 1 of this series is Are you ready to listen?-God, Volume 2 is God's Covenant.

Debbie lives and writes in Islamorada, Florida where she teaches others the path to Spirit.

You can also catch Debbie on Angel Heart Radio where she teaches, inspires, supports and mentors people all over the world to live the lives they truly dream of living. 


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