Saturday, August 19, 2017

#NewRelease - Indigo by Amber Lacie

Some girls are born independent and fierce. They constantly shock the world––bringing it to its knees. Indigo Bryant is one of them. 

At the young age of thirty, she has already bought and sold a highly successful design business. Needing a change of pace, she uproots her life in New York City, to be near her best friend in a small town near Huntsville, Alabama. What was supposed to be a relaxing summer with little stress and a fresh start, suddenly takes an unexpected turn when she meets Alexander Clark.

Despite his many talents and charming personality, no one would have guessed the ghosts that haunt Alexander Clark. What was once a promising baseball career has now faded into the shadows. 
Paralyzed by the nightmares of his past, and the guilt of a horrible accident, he can’t seem to let go and move forward. That is––until he meets Indigo.

Not every girl needs a knight in shining armor. Not every girl needs to be saved. And not every boy is a knight. Sometimes, they are the ones that need to be saved.

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