Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meet Some Authors! #SCBL2018

Awwww!  Books, books and more books!  And approximately 70 authors waiting to meet and greet and talk about one of my favorite subjects... BOOKS!

This was a fun event with so many friendly, happy authors. Some I've met before and some new to me.  Some with books I have reviewed recently but had not yet met in person.  One of those people was the delightful Ava Wood.  Scroll through the books over to your right and you will find my review of "Silver".  It was such a treat to meet this author in person and talk about her many books.  Ava writes under two pseudonyms - Ava Wood, her young adult pen name and Ava Lynn Wood which she uses for her Adult Contemporary novels.

It was so much fun getting together with Tilly Greene for lunch!  After just a few minutes I felt like we were old friends.  

Again, scroll down that list of books on the right and check out my review of her book "Come, Our Butterfly" and while you're at it, check out some of her other books.  A word of warning.  They are on the "spicy" side and very "adult"... but oh so good!

It is always a delight to see Robbie Cox!  I have read several of his books and I just noticed that the first book in his "Warrior of the Way" series that I've been itching to get my hands on, is currently on Kindle Unlimited.  I think I will go snatch it quickly while I can!  Robbie Cox is one of those fantastic people who is right there to help out and uplift other authors.  He and his "girls", Charlene, Sarah and Teri, are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

And speaking of authors who are oh so helpful and tend to uplift other authors, I found Kerry Adrienne!  And sitting at the very next table was Lia Davis.  These two fabulous ladies, each terrific authors on their own, also co-authored a few books.  One that I've had my eye on for awhile, "Ghost in a Bottle" ended up on my Gosh-I-Simply-Must-Buy-This-Book list... even though hubby reminded me as I walked out the door to come to SCBL2018 that there was no more room on my bookshelves.  Sigh.  Must buy more bookshelves.

Do you like books about natural disasters?  Look no further!  Chrys Fey writes a series about a young couple who just can't seem to avoid them.  Terrific series!

I've read them all except for the newest that was just released a couple of months ago.  Gotta make room on my bookshelf for "Flaming Crimes"!

And before I go, I must mention L. E. Perez.  Laura is one of those people who is just so full of energy, it's hard to hold her still long enough to give her a hug.  I first met Laura a couple of years ago in Savannah.  Fun person and terrific author!

Looking forward to next year at SCBL2019!  Teri Dees Edney and her group of hard working people put on a terrific event!  This year's event ended in a flash of lightning!  One so powerful that it knocked out the power to the hotel, trapping four of the authors in an elevator.  On the bright side, rumor has it that they were rescued by a couple of hunky firefighters!  Hmmm... what better way to end an event for romance writers!

See you all next year!


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