Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How did I ever become a Cat Lady?

Never had much use for cats. Yes, they can be cute sometimes, but you can't play "fetch" or expect them to protect your house while you're at work. And on top of that, I have allergies. Really bad allergies when it comes to cats. You know... red itchy eyes, sneezing, the whole mess. I am a dog person. Not a cat person.

Then one day when we returned home from a vacation in North Carolina with my little Yorkie sitting on my lap, I pulled into the driveway to see several tiny kittens scurry through the bushes in the general direction of the stairs that lead to my front door. Upon closer inspection, I saw a mama cat with her four little kittens! They had decided to make a home under my front stairs.

Well, even though I'm not a cat person, these cute little babies looked hungry. So being the idiot that I am, I fed them. My husband just rolled his eyes and grumbled some remark about how they will never leave now! I told him it was just until they were old enough to take to the animal shelter.

Upon arriving at the animal shelter, all five feral cats in tow, we were informed that they were overloaded with cats and although this was a "No Kill" shelter, the chance of these feral cats being adopted was zero to none and they would live out their little lives in cages. No way! So we had them all spayed and neutered and gave them their rabies shots, and took them home with us. They continue to this day to live under my front stairs, under my back stairs, on my patio furniture, on my dock and anywhere else they choose to roam. They spend their days chasing lizards and baby iguanas.

And I am now officially a cat lady.


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