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From the Back Cover:

When Sukie’s husband shacks up with her Pilates instructor, her domestic drama becomes the talk of her small Georgia town. Friends from her married life prove fickle, and Sukie hides at home, terrified of encountering the town gossips at the grocery store. Betsy, Sukie’s neighbor, invites her to join “Fat Fridays,” a weekly gathering at a local cafĂ© where the women order whatever they crave—no calories counted. Over sausage pizza and sage advice, Sukie gets a grip on her new life and learns to love her freedom.
Judith Keim’s warm, funny novel offers moving glimpses into each of the five women’s very different lives. As they struggle to deal with cruel exes, frustrating families, and forbidden love, the women offer one another the kind of friendship that is as rich and nurturing as their Friday feasts.
My Thoughts:

It's nice to read a novel where the main character is not under the age of 25.  Yes, it is possible for a somewhat older woman to have romance running through her veins.  

This was a great story that depicts the individual struggles of several friends who meet once a week for lunch.  That friendship turns into a support group of ladies who do what ladies have been doing for years... being there for their friends.  One by one, each gal in this group confides the hardships she has been enduring, from cheating spouses to being abused, physically or emotionally.  And with the support of Sukie and the other gals, they manage to pull themselves through.  Guys may not get this, but the ladies reading this book will understand the bond that is formed between girlfriends.

I would give this book 5 wine glasses instead of 4 because I truly enjoyed reading it.  But there seemed to be too many story lines to follow and other than Sukie, I didn't feel all that connected to the other characters.  I plan to read the next book in the series because if the same characters are involved, I'm hoping to discover more depth.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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