Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why am I up if the sun isn't up?

It's morning.  How do I know that? Not because my alarm clock went off.  Not because I rolled over and noticed a faint bit of light coming from under the curtains.  And not because I smelled the coffee brewing or heard the sound of my husband shuffling around in the other room.  No, it's because my little dog, Ming, has decided that she's lonely and wants me to get up to play with her.  You know, I could understand if she woke me because she needed to go outside, but no, she runs to get her favorite toy to drop at my feet.  I just look at her in disbelief, pushing my disheveled hair from my face and squinting to look at the clock.

FOUR A.M.!  "Dog!  Are you nuts?  You seriously want to play at 4:00 in the morning?"  (Yes, I talk to my dog.  Don't you?)  As much as I just want to fall back on the bed and go back to sleep, the sound of her whimpering is too much to bear.  I sit up and my feet hit the cold marble floor.  Wow!  That's cold!  That's enough to wake the dead.  What happened to my little bedside rug?  Then I see it pushed up against her dog bed.  I now realize that this dog is out to get me.

I give in and play tug-of-war with her for a few minutes and make my way to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee.  Two cups later, when my veins are filled with caffeine and I'm ready to start my day, I look around and find my precious little pup sound asleep in her bed.  Is it evil of me to want to gently dump her little body out of that bed to wake her up?


Unknown said...

What a coincidence! My daughter woke me up at 5am this morning too!

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