Monday, October 24, 2016

The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion (Book 0) by Roger Hayden

Book Description:

A paranormal phenomenon, a mysterious curse, and an unsolved murder forty years in the making.

A young couple move into their dream home only to find a dark presence lurking from within. For Curtis and Mary, the small town of Redwood, Indiana seems too good to be true. Everything is perfect, including the Victorian mansion they purchased at a great price. But they soon experience terrifying supernatural encounters tied to the deadly secrets of an unsolved mass murder. Can they solve the mystery in time? Or will they face the same doomed fate as the tenants who came before them?

In this new mystery supernatural thriller, best-selling author Roger Hayden delivers a frightening world where nothing is as it seems with “The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion,” a bold new supernatural series certain to have readers leaving their lights on. Because in the town of Redwood, no one gets out alive…  

My Thoughts:

This was a short little novella of only 96 pages which acted as a prequel to the next book and the next...  I'm not actually sure how far this goes.  The cliffhanger at the end actually got me to buy the next book in this series, but I won't be reviewing that one because I didn't finish it.  I got rather frustrated with the editing problems, and after learning that it, too, ends in a cliffhanger, I just didn't want to bother.

Let me say this... Roger Hayden is a talented author.  The character development was top-notch and the storyline was gripping and exciting.  He really had my heart racing in that last scene!  My suggestion to him is that he should pull these books off the market, combine them into one novel, get a good content editor and a good line editor, and re-release these as one BEST SELLING novel, because I really feel that is what it would be.  Talent like that shouldn't be wasted on these little books set in a series that are just going to irritate the reader.

Sorry if I'm offending anyone.  This is just my humble opinion.

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