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Book Review: Unraveling the Earl (Idyllwild Book 3) by Lynne Barron

Title:  Unraveling the Earl
Author:  Lynne Barron
Genre:  Historical Romance
Publisher:  Lynne Barron
Release Date:  July 26, 2016

About the Book:

The Earl of Hastings’ reputation as London’s greatest gift to the ladies has taken on a life of its own and he is only too happy to live up to in one Mayfair bedchamber after another. Until he encounters a lady more interested in poking around his country estate than sampling his lauded charms. 
Georgiana Buchanan is a woman with murky morals, warped notions of right and wrong, a talent for dancing around the truth, and a penchant for attending weddings and funerals without invitation. 
When Georgie catches Henry’s roving eye, she turns the tables on the arrogant scoundrel, introducing him to a world of sensual delights and unraveling his vaunted control before fleeing into the night.
Henry is determined to make the elusive Georgiana his mistress while the lady wants only to use his desire to further her own schemes. When they find themselves marooned at Idyllwild during a summer storm, they will both discover they’ve gotten more than they bargained for.
This book was previously published by the same title. While I have made minor revisions and given it a beautiful new cover and fresh edits, the story remains a spicy, sensual tale filled with all sorts of dallying, frolicking and even a hint of debauchery. And very little of the fun takes place behind closed doors.

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My Review:

I suppose I was expecting more of a historical romance with all of those romantic tingles you usually find in such a book.  Instead... and I don't mean this in a negative way... this was more of a historical erotica book.  Lots of sex.  There was a lot of allure, so you got a bit of those tingles, but it was mostly passion and sex.

Although  this is book 3 of a series, it could be read as a stand-alone book.  Having not read any other books in this series, I was okay with that.  And yes, it definitely could be read as a stand-alone, but I'm thinking that perhaps it might be better to read the previous books in order to better grasp some of the characters.  Lynne Barron did a fantastic job of bringing the main characters to life.  I loved the spunk of Georgie!  I've always been a sucker for a strong heroine.  Hate those wimpy, whiny women you find in so many historical romance novels.  This one was witty, strong and in control!  And Henry, the Earl of Hastings, was an honorable man, even though he was somewhat cast as a cad.  I loved him!

My main problem was that there were so many characters that I had a hard time remembering who was who.  I actually had to go back to reread several segments to get them straight in my mind, and even then I wasn't quite sure.  Hence, my thinking that perhaps if I had read the previous books in this series this may have been more clear.  I just don't know.

The story starts out with a bang (and I mean that literally).  But it explains how Georgie Buchanan had to use her body and her wit to obtain what she wanted.

Parts of the book dragged for me and sometimes things were unnecessarily repeated, but all in all this author is talented and creative and was able to throw in some twists and turns that kept the book interesting.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Write About What You Know.

Every Creative Writing Teacher and College Professor said these words to Lynne Barron in one form or another. But what did she know?

She knew she enjoyed the guilty pleasure of reading romance novels whenever she could find time between studying, working and raising her son as a single mother.

She knew quite a bit about women’s lives in the Regency and Victorian era from years spent bouncing back and forth between European History and English Literature as a major in college. 

She knew precious little about romance except to know that it was more than the cliché card and a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day. 

Then she met her wonderfully romantic husband and finally she knew. 

Passion, Love and Romance.

And she began to write.

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