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Book Review: Brain - The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World by Dermot Davis

Title:  Brain - The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World
Author:  Dermot Davis
Genre:  Humor & Satire
Publisher:  Expression Unleashed Publishing
Release Date:  July 4, 2013

From the Back Cover:

It's the classic dilemma of the writer: Do you write what's in your heart or do you write what sells? In this modern age of publishing there is a huge chasm between the best selling authors that are rich beyond their dreams and... well, everybody else. All Daniel Waterstone ever wanted to do was write the great American novel and change the landscape of modern literature forever. He has two literary books in print but no one's buying. His agent won't even accept his latest masterpiece which he poured his soul into: apparently, it's not commercial enough. In a final act of desperation, Daniel decides to write - not what's in his heart but - what he thinks will sell. Boy, did he get that one wrong...
"Brain is that rare species of complete entertainment that can be both deeply philosophical and buoyantly accessible." - Chanticleer Book Reviews
"...an entertaining farce about modern society, a deft, fast-paced tale that will leave self-aware readers giggling." - Publishers Weekly
"...ironic, iconoclastic, and pure entertainment from first page to last."The Midwest Book Review
"...full of odd metaphors, literary allusions, and hilarious coincidences... pure fun for the reader." - San Francisco Book Review

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My Review:

This book was laugh out loud funny!  Ironic and chaotic... but in a humorous way!  I absolutely loved it!  If any of my author friends are reading this review... stop what you are doing and download this book today.  You will  love it too!

When you get to know various authors and begin to understand how the current publishing world works, you come to the realization that it doesn't really matter how good a novel is, it just matters if it is what the general population is buying at that point in time and how it is marketed.  Sad, but true.  Daniel Waterstone came to that realization when the novels he had poured his heart and soul into were rejected by his publishing agent.  She told him he needed to write what the public is buying.

Feeling dejected, having his world (and his bank account) collapse beneath him, and seeing the massive popularity of a nonsensical book by a self-proclaimed psychic, Daniel went back to his apartment and using the pen name Charles Spectrum, proceeded to write a satire making fun of the absurdity in books like Take Control of Your Life by Randy Guswhite.  The last thing Daniel expected to happen was for people to take this "satire" literally and turn it into a self-help book, following his suggestions of walking backward for six weeks and sleeping standing up or jumping up and down on their beds yelling "I can fly, I can fly".

The laughs and absurdity continue as Randy believes Daniel stole his brain and goes to extreme lengths to get it back.  Then there is blackmail, a bombing, and so much more.

If you like satire or if you are an author with a good sense of humor, you will enjoy this book.  Dermot Davis' wit and mastery of the written word brings to light a hint of the craziness this world has to offer.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Dermot is an Irish writer who splits his time between Ireland and the US. His creative work encompasses varied genres and styles with a special focus on human themes and characters transformed by life experience. He is a Gold Medalist Winner in the 2015 READER’S FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD, a SOMERSET AWARDS FIRST PLACE WINNER 2013, a First Place Winner in the 2013 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS and a Finalist in the 2013 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS. As a playwright, Dermot is a recipient of the O.Z. Whitehead Award which was co-sponsored by Irish Pen and the Society of Irish Playwrights.


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