Sunday, March 19, 2017

Please Be Patient! We Still Love You!

Wow!  Janna and I have been going a bit crazy lately!  I know that some of you wonder about our sanity as it is... but right now things have been REALLY crazy!

Janna has been hiding under the sheets with a flashlight and laptop, typing away like a mad woman trying to meet publisher deadlines.  She occasionally comes out to take her dogs for a quick walk, but only because they pounce on her if she doesn't.  So she has very little time to read right now!  Hopefully, once she gets past this, things will be back to normal and she will continue posting her snarky comments.  And when I'm not beta reading for her and a couple of other authors, I'm trying to get ready for a speaking engagement coming up in a few weeks.  Oh!  About that!  ...Thank you, thank you, thank you to the numerous authors who responded with free autographed books and fabulous swag for me to hand out to the ladies attending my lecture.  Hopefully they will all listen to what I have to say and be ever so anxious to write some fabulous reviews for you!  Big hugs to ALL of you!  And if you are an author of a published book and you would like to get in on this promotion, please email me at  As much as I appreciate receiving these books, please understand that any reviews posted will be honest reviews and although I am grateful for the books, it will not impact my ratings.  (Sorry, but gotta keep things honest!)

Our current backlog of book review requests is approximately 4-6 weeks. Due to the number of review requests we've been receiving lately, we will try to respond to your review request, but please don't chase us down with torches and pitchforks if we don't email you back. We're only human (sort of, the jury's still out on whether Janna has descended from aliens). If you're an author we've previously worked with before or have an urgent request (i.e. you're about to be eaten by giant, rabid, flesh-eating bunnies if you don't get a review from us before release date), please email us directly and we'll try to accommodate your request. We'll try to help you out with your review, but no promises about helping you with the evil bunnies.


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