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#BookReview - Crimes Against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman

Title:  Crimes Against a Book Club
Author:  Kathy Cooperman
Genre:  Women's Fiction, Humor
Release Date:  May 1, 2017

About the Book:

Best friends Annie and Sarah need cash—fast. Sarah, a beautiful, successful lawyer, wants nothing more than to have a baby. But balancing IVF treatments with a grueling eighty-hour workweek is no walk in the park. Meanwhile, Annie, a Harvard-grad chemist recently transplanted to Southern California, is cutting coupons to afford her young autistic son’s expensive therapy.

Desperate, the two friends come up with a brilliant plan: they’ll combine Sarah’s looks and Annie’s brains to sell a “luxury” antiaging face cream to the wealthy, fading beauties in Annie’s La Jolla book club. The scheme seems innocent enough, until Annie decides to add a special—and oh-so-illegal—ingredient that could bring their whole operation crashing to the ground.
Hilarious, intelligent, and warm, Crimes Against a Book Club is a delightful look at the lengths women will go to fend for their families and for one another.

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My Review:

Okay... this really isn't much about a book club, but it is a starting point to the story.  I do think ladies in a book club would find this book delightful though.  They will totally understand the little paragraph's just before each chapter where various book references are made.

So book club ladies.... grab another glass of wine, read this book and have a good chuckle.  You will so totally get this!  This was a light read, full of wit and humor.  Kathy Cooperman created a plot that will leave you shaking your head while chuckling.

Annie was excited to join a book club and discuss literature but was quickly disappointed when she discovered the members of the La Jolla Ladies' Book Club rarely read the book.  Instead, they sat around drinking wine, gossiping and flaunting their lavish lifestyles.  When Annie's son is diagnosed with autism, Annie finds the cost of the special doctors and programs to help him are well beyond her income.  With the help of her best friend, Sarah, they develop a plan to earn some cash.  Annie creates a face cream to be marketed as an exclusive product for only certain individuals at a cost of $2,000 per jar.  The book club ladies and some of their friends are more than excited to fork over the money.  What they don't realize is that Annie added a special ingredient to give some kick to the product.  That "kick" came from a bag of cocaine Annie had confiscated from her brother.

One by one, as the ladies use this exclusive face cream, their lives are changed.  And when the secret ingredient is discovered, a whole new set of problems develop.

This was a fun book and a great start for summer reading.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Kathy Cooperman spent four years performing improvisational comedy, then decided to do something less fun with her life. After graduating from Yale Law School, she went into criminal law, defending “innocent” (rich) clients. These days, she lives in Del Mar, California, with her husband and four challenging young children. Crimes Against a Book Club is her first novel. Follow her on Twitter @Kathy_Cooperman.


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