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Book Review - ACCIDENTAL LEIGH by Melanie James

Title:  Accidental Leigh ( Book 1 of the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries)
Author:  Melanie James
Genre:  Humor, Contemporary Fiction, Adult
Release Date:  June 11, 2014

About the Book:

A laugh till it hurts paranormal comedy!
How does a girl become a witch? By accident, of course! 
Leigh Epstein is a grief stricken and lonely elementary school teacher that is devastated by the brutal and unexpected death of her true love at the hands of a careless writer. She overcomes her grief by taking matters into her own hands and takes up a little romance writing to resurrect her vampire-werewolf book-boyfriend. Leigh gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that every steamy erotic scene she creates is magically reenacted by her family, friends and coworkers. 

In her hilarious first diary, Leigh unwittingly sets her parents up for a weekend dinner party that they will never forget. She has two weeks to find out what her new found magic is capable of. Can she prevent a wild erotic encounter that could devastate her sweet parent’s marriage? What and who else will get caught up in her magic spells? 

Read a story so witchingly fun that you won't be able to put it down, and you will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries!
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My Review:

ACCIDENTAL LEIGH is a quick read that you can finish in just a few hours. It's somewhat of an introduction of books to follow in this series I believe, because it left off with a bit of a cliff hanger. I mean, it just stopped. I was hoping for another chapter to find out what happens, but I guess that will be discussed in Book 2 of this series.  First of all, if adult content and not-so-nice language bothers you, you may not want to start reading this book. But if you're okay with all of that, this book will have you chuckling and maybe even giggling like a school girl! The humor was great!

After getting upset that her favorite author killed off Leigh's "book boyfriend", she decides she wants to write a romance novel herself and buys an antique writing desk from an old lady. Then, as she writes, she discovers that the events in her book actually happen to friends and family. Can't wait to see where all of this goes!

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Melanie James writes steamy paranormal romances, paranormal comedy, and contemporary romance books. Her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies will keep you coming back for each new book in a series and her erotic contemporary romances will have you reaching for the ice. With over 45 books to choose from, you are sure to find many additions to your romance library. Melanie is married to a wonderful man who supports her dreams and goals. She has two children, three step-children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and an adorable grand-baby. 

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