Saturday, April 29, 2017

#IHeartBooks & #Authors - Free Event for Readers!

Yay!  More books!!

I just love going to events like this!  If you haven't been to a book signing convention, you should try it! You get to meet various authors and see their new releases.  If you buy one of their books, the authors will usually sign it for you. It's a great opportunity to go all fan girl (you may want to curb your stalker tendencies though, I've heard that scares some authors).

If you happen to be in South Florida on May 21st, swing by Lakeside Terrace in Boca Raton to meet some amazing authors.  This event is sponsored by Florida Writers Association and is FREE for readers from noon to 4:00 pm. (Entry is free, not the books... Although some authors may charge for hugs -- depends if you're the above mentioned stalker type or if they enjoy being molested by random fans. I'd offer to provide everyone with a poll on which authors charge for hugs, but I'm planning on spending my money on books -- not bail. Sorry!). 

So yes, I'm planning to be there.... wandering around and hoping to find some new and exciting books to read and review.  I love chatting with the authors...and I promise not to get too stalkery.

I may even set up some Author Interviews to post here on The Novel Lady Blog.  Anyone you want to know more about?  Let me know and I will seek them out!

If you see me at the event, come up and say hello. Hugs are free.

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