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Book Review - WILD TEXAS WIND by Nicole McCaffrey

Title:  Wild Texas Wind
Author:  Nicole McCaffrey
Genre:  Western Romance
Release Date:   June 17, 2010 

About the Book:
All Raz Colt wants is land, a quiet peaceable existence and to put his life as a hired gun in the past. When the chance to earn a sizable fortune by rescuing a kidnapped heiress comes his way, he seizes the opportunity. Trouble is, the heiress doesn’t want to be rescued. Offsetting Arden O’Hara’s beauty is a rattlesnake personality and shrewish temper. Despite her claim that she faked the kidnapping so her fiancĂ© would ride to her rescue, Raz knows someone is out to kill her. And if anyone gets the pleasure of wringing her lovely neck, it’s going to be him.

Arden O’Hara is desperate to go home. Her fiancĂ© was supposed to ride to her rescue, proving it’s her–and not her father’s money– he loves. Instead an arrogant stranger, with weapons strapped gun-fighter low and a decided lack of sympathy for her situation, shows up spouting a ridiculous tale about someone trying to kill her. It’s infuriating when Raz Colt’s claims prove true after not one but several attempts are made on her life. She has no idea who this fast gun with the deadly aim is, or why he makes her feel as wild and untamed as the Texas wind. But like it or not, if anyone is capable of getting her home alive, it’s Raz Colt.

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My Review:
Why have I not read anything by Nicole McCaffrey before? I received the Audible version of WILD TEXAS WIND from a friend of the author who knows I love these Western Romance books, with the hope that I might provide a review, whether good, bad or indifferent. First, let me tell you that all thoughts, ratings and opinions are my own. As it is, I absolutely loved it! So much so that I totally ignored  my husband all day as I walked around the house with ear buds stuck in my ears because I didn't want to stop listening for even a minute.  Fabulous narrator! Dawson McBride has that deep husky voice that is so "wild west", and he even manages to do the female voices with flare.

Those of you who have read my reviews before know that I love romantic tingles. All those sexy tingles that lead up to more. Not the wham-bam stuff. Tingles. Well, this book is loaded with those romantic tingles! Great characters and an action-packed story that never got dull even for a single minute. The sparks that fly between Raz Colt and Arden sizzle and ignite! Great chemistry between these two. And even the secondary characters are fantastic. All of them!

What starts out as a way for Raz, a hired gunslinger, to raise some money to buy some land and get out of the business, turns into a rescue for an heiress who doesn't want to be rescued... until  she finally realizes that someone really does want to have her killed.

This story had everything. Humor, action, romance, suspense! I loved it and can't wait to read more from this author.

My Rating: 

About the Author, Nicole McCaffrey:

If it's possible to be born a writer, then I definitely was. I'd probably have started sooner if there had been pen and paper available in the womb!

But for as long as I can remember, I have heard voices in my head. Fortunately for me, they're all characters--begging me to tell their stories. My first sale was a holiday novella, published by The Wild Rose Press in November 2006. The Model Man, my first full length contemporary, was released in March 2008. 

My true passion has always been history so I was thrilled to see my first historical, Wild Texas Wind, released in June, 2010. Since then I've contracted several short stories and have been hard at work on a follow up story to Wild Texas Wind. 


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