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Book Review: The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas

Title:  The Glass Gargoyle (The Lost Ancients, Book 1)
Author:  Marie Andreas
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal
Release Date:  March 23, 2015

From the Back Cover:

Archeologist Taryn St. Giles has spent her life mining the ruins of the elves who vanished from the Four Kingdoms a thousand years ago. But when her patrons begin disappearing too—and then turning up dead—she finds herself unemployed, restless, and desperate. So she goes looking for other missing things: as a bounty hunter.

Tracking her first fugitive—the distractingly handsome and strangely charming Alric—she unearths a dangerous underworld of warring crime lords, demonic squirrels, and a long-lost elven artifact capable of unleashing a hell on earth.

Chased, robbed, kidnapped, and distressingly low on rent money, Taryn just wants one quiet beer and to catch her fugitive. But there’s more to Alric than his wicked grin—is he a wanted man or the city’s only hope? With menacing mages in pursuit and her three alcoholic faery sidekicks always in her hair, Taryn’s curiosity might finally solve the mystery of the elves… or be the death of her and destroy her world.

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My Review:


Okay, I'm completely hooked on this series! This was a phenomenal read -- lots of action, mystery, amazing world-building, memorable and entertaining characters, adventure, excitement, and hot mysterious men that you aren't sure if they're good or bad. This book had it all!

From the moment you first pick it up, the action does not stop -- and I literally could not put the book down. Taryn is a strong and very likable heroine, who is part human and part dryad -- or is she? Alric, our sexy and mysterious stranger, keeps popping up in the strangest places -- and Taryn isn't sure if he's tossing her into danger or pulling her out of it. Regardless of this... there's definitely some underlying chemistry going on there.

The supporting cast of characters (particularly the fairies) were all fantastic, memorable and extremely creative. Marie Andreas has crafted a magical fantasy world that introduces some amazing new characters and species. I loved taking a step into the world she's created and I kept glancing at the percentage on my Kindle, trying to draw it out as long as possible because I didn't want it to end.

Luckily... there are more books in the series available and they're all going on my "To Read" list. This is a new author for me, but I can guarantee she's going on my "Watch List". I highly recommend this book for fans of Urban Fantasy. There were some moments that put me in mind of Kim Harrison's "The Hollows" series, and even of Jayne Castle's "Harmony" books. If you're fans of those authors, I think you'll enjoy this one too.

Now excuse me while I go download the next book in the series, The Obsidian Chimera...

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review.  All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Marie is a fantasy and science fiction reader with a serious writing addiction. If she wasn't writing about all the people in her head, she'd be lurking about coffee shops annoying total strangers with her stories. So really, writing is a way of saving the masses. Her first fantasy series, The Lost Ancients, starts with The Glass Gargoyle. Books two and three, The Obsidian Chimera and The Emerald Dragon, are also out now. Book four, The Sapphire Manticore, will be out in January 2017. The six book series will continue in 2017 and 2018. A space opera trilogy, The Asarlai Wars, launched with Warrior Wench, and will continue in 2017 with the Victorious Dead. When not saving the masses from coffee shop shenanigans, Marie likes to visit the UK and keeps hoping someone will give her a nice summer home in the Forest of Dean.

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