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Book Review: How to Marry Your Wife by Stella Marie Alden

Title:  How to Marry Your Wife
Author:  Stella Marie Alden
Genre:  Historical Romance
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date:  November 18, 2015

From the Back Cover:

What foul devilry is this? They told her he was dead. After six long years without a word, her knight falls onto his knees and sings poetry. Then he denies their son? Heed this well. She's no longer an innocent who'll giggle and tarry on his every word. The sharp edge of her tongue and knife is the only welcome he'll get. She'll not marry him. Besides, the pain would be too much to bear should he ever leave again.

Her attitude is beyond understanding. What voice did he have? The king commanded and he obeyed. Regardless of her hatred, the Templar knight weds. This time she will travel with him and he will win back her favor. It's a long road from London to Hadrian's Wall. Evil deeds weave a plot laced with castles, kidnappings, and missives. Will the treacherous journey split them asunder forever? Mayhap only in heaven will he rekindle the passion they once shared.

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My Review:

This is the first book I have read by this author, but it will not be my last. I plan to go back and read the book just prior to this one, "How to Train Your Knight". Not that it is necessary... this can certainly be a stand-alone book. I simply WANT to read it.

HOW TO MARRY YOUR WIFE is a delightful, funny, adventurous, romantic tale set in Medieval times.

The story starts out with Lady Meredith and Sir Thomas, a Templar knight, as a young couple in love, binding their love and vowing to be married. Sir Thomas, referred to as Tom, must leave hurriedly to distant lands and is unable to say proper good-byes to his love. Upon his return, Merry is less than excited to see him. The reunion is sharp witted and humorous, beautifully written by this author. When Tom realizes he has a son, and his "wife" is betrothed to another man, he wastes no time in getting his reluctant bride to marry him. Keeping her is another part of the story.

The adventure that follows is fast paced and sometimes difficult to follow, but detailed to perfection. I loved Merry's spunk!

Stella Marie Alden's ability to pull you in to a world of knights and castles and wenches and mayhem is amazing. She develops each character to the point that you almost believe they truly exist.

Another thing I truly loved about this book is that it was a complete novel, even though another book in this "series" was written prior to this one and after reading the last line in this book, it's quite obvious that there will be another book in this "series". But each book is a stand-alone and and can be read as such.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Reader's Favorites with the sole purpose of an honest review.  All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

My Rating:

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