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Book Review: Murdered Gods (Shadows of the Immortals, #2) by Marina Finlayson

Title:  Murdered Gods (Shadows of the Immortals, #2)
Author:  Marina Finlayson
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Publisher: Finesse Solutions
Release Date:  December 15, 2016

From the Back Cover:

Lexi didn’t set out to steal a god’s ring, but when a magic artifact starts trying to talk to you, what’s a girl supposed to do? She’s always had the ability to talk to animals, but this new development amps up the crazy. Now she’s afraid her power is out of control and she’s losing her mind.

The only person who could possibly reassure her that she’s not going mad is her mother, who has always refused to discuss the source of Lexi’s strange ability. Now that the jewellery is getting chatty, maybe she’ll finally spill the beans.

Unfortunately, going home means a trip back to the human territories, and Lexi only just made it out of there alive last time. She’s hoping for a quick visit, but with a god hellbent on retrieving the ring and a fireshaper she might have accidentally betrayed on her tail, life is about to get horribly complicated—for her and everyone she cares about.

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My Review:

This was another solid addition to this new series. If you haven't read the first book, I suggest you pick it up before reading this one. This second book in the series picks up exactly where we left off in the first one. We start off with a bang, and the action keeps going until the final finishing pages (which leave us eagerly anticipating the next book in the series).

We're learning a little bit more about Lexi and her unusual abilities in this book, and we get to explore a little bit of her hometown in the human territories. However, things are definitely not the way they should be and it looks like even the Gods may be in trouble.

I really enjoyed the twist of the gods in the story, and I'm dying to learn more about Lexi's background. This book left me with a ton of questions and I'm excited about learning more in the next book in the series. My only complaint is the same as the first book -- character development and the emotional connections between the characters were lacking.

There's a suggestion of a hint of romance, but I'm just not feeling it. Other than being told a certain fire shaper is "hot", I get very little sense of an emotional attachment. No tingles. *sigh* Unfortunately, this lack was even more apparent in this book and it affected my enjoyment of the story. I just wish I could get inside Lexi's head a little bit more and this portion of the book was better developed. 

I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for updates to this series, particularly with the way it ended. It wasn't a cliffhanger, but there's a whole lot of unresolved and mysterious issues that I'm curious to find out about. 

My Rating:

About the Author:

Marina Finlayson is a reformed wedding organist who now writes fantasy. She is married and shares her Sydney home with three kids, a large collection of dragon statues and one very stupid dog with a death wish.

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