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Book Review: Midnight Curse by Melissa F. Olson

Title:  Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic, Book 1)
Author:  Melissa F. Olson
Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Dark Fantasy
Publisher: 47North
Release Date:  February 7, 2017

From the Back Cover:

Scarlett Bernard is used to cleaning up messes. As a human who cancels out any magic around her, Scarlett’s job is to keep the supernatural world hidden—at any cost.

But on the eve of the Vampire Trials, a two-day tribunal that allows the otherworldly community to air their grievances, Scarlett receives a blood-soaked message from Molly, her estranged former roommate. Molly, a vampire, had been living with twelve human college students…and in one terrible night, she slaughtered them all.

Scarlett believes Molly’s been set up, but no one else in the Old World agrees with her. Meanwhile, the true perpetrator is determined to make sure Molly goes on trial for the massacre—and the penalty is death.

With less than two days to prove her friend’s innocence, Scarlett calls on former LAPD detective Jesse Cruz to help her dig into Molly’s past. But no one—Molly included—wants Scarlett and Jesse to bring the terrible truth to light.

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My Review:

WOW! I loved it!

This was a terrific book... with lots of action, intrigue, suspense, and drama. The main character, Scarlett Bernard, is a Null -- she negates magic around her, causing supernatural creatures to become more least while they're within her radius. This was an awesome twist from a lot of urban fantasy books that are focused on the main character having a ton of powers. It definitely changed the dynamic of the story in a really cool way! I loved learning about this world and the dynamic between the Shifters, Vampires, and Witches living in Los Angeles.

This is a new author for me so I was completely unfamiliar with her writing and world-building. Everything was explained easily enough that I found myself quickly getting sucked in, except that I felt like I was missing something. This was the first book in the series, but apparently there's another series by this author starring the same protagonist and supporting characters (Scarlett Bernard series).

Although I really enjoyed this book, I can't help but think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the other series first. It felt a little bit like I was watching one of my favorite television shows starting with the second season. Either way, I'm definitely going back and reading the other series so I can get more of a background and understanding about Scarlett, her motivations... and the relationships between the characters. I liked Scarlett a lot as a spunky, kick-ass heroine (with just enough vulnerability and shady past to make her truly likable), but I'd love to see how she's grown and developed since the first books. Not only that... but I want to know more about the supporting characters and their relationships.

If you're new to reading this author's works, you might want to start with the other series first too. While this book can be read without, you'll probably feel like you're missing something. I'd definitely recommend this series... and I think fans of the original Scarlett Bernard series will fall in love with this one too!

So what are you waiting for? For fans of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal, this is one series that you shouldn't miss! As for me, I'm going back and reading the Scarlett Bernard series while I anxiously await the next book in the Disrupted Magic series.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review.  All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Melissa Olson was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and studied film and literature at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After graduation, and a brief stint bouncing around the Hollywood studio system, Melissa landed in Madison, WI, where she eventually acquired a master's degree from UW-Milwaukee, a husband, a mortgage, a teaching gig, two kids, and two comically oversized dogs, not at all in that order. She loves Madison, but still dreams of the food in LA. Literally. There are dreams. Learn more about Melissa, her work, and her dog at
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