Sunday, January 1, 2017

Seriously? Did Scherry just 2 up me???

So I logged into Goodreads today and got hit with their... "CHALLENGE". How many books am I going to read this year? Now, the more ambitious side of me said... "Let's go for 100!" When I entered in that number, my browser crashed and I figured it was the Internet Fairies at work telling me that I needed to lower that number just a tad bit...

You know, so I can actually get laundry done.

So fine. I change my challenge number to 75 -- AND THE FREAKING BROWSER CRASHED AGAIN!

So I tried 50. It worked. The internet fairies were happy and the pixies cheered in response. All was well in my world.


Seriously? You really had to go and say you're going to read 52 books this year? 52? 52?!?! That's... such a random number. That's like slapping my face with day-old fish and saying, "HAH! I'll read and review more than you." Now I know it's your blog and everything and I'm just a co-author... but...


Challenge accepted.

Whatever number Scherry puts out... I'll read and review two more books than her this year.

The gloves are off, kiddies. Let the reviews begin.


Scherry said...

BRING IT ON KIDDO! Reading one book and listening to an audio on another right now! Yes, and I can walk and read my Kindle at the same time (without walking into walls) too! Those Internet Fairies are on my side. Just making it easier for you with 52. We'll see the true total on January 1, 2018.

Perhaps we should include a small wager... like the loser buying the winner a bottle of wine... one bottle for every book over what the other one reads (not to be drunk in one sitting).

What do you say Janna? Are we on?

I prefer red wine.

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